More Green To Go Green In the Spa

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More Green To Go Green In the Spa

One cannot travel too far these days without hearing of the latest business that has “gone green.”  Incorporating environmentally conscious ideas into business has caught on in a big way.  A recent article in the New York Times reveals that our local spas seem to be headed in the green direction as well.

The growing trend in spas has been to bring in locally grown items to use in a number of their treatments and upping the price tag deeming it environmentally friendly.  According to the International Spa Association more than 28 percent of spas nationwide used local ingredients last year.  

Though some spas have included indigenous items in their treatments for many years, the trend is now growing with a greater demand from customers.  Spa-goers around the world are willing to pay more for certain services if they are believed to be environmentally responsible.

The idea of any company taking steps to lighten their carbon footprint sounds great, but of course there are some critics who feel their heart may not be in the right place.  Jessica Jensen, founder of an online resource to help consumers live eco-friendly (Low Impact Living), believes there are two kinds of companies, “ones that are genuinely dedicated to these issues and incorporate them into every aspect of their business, and then other companies trying to put a varnish on their business in the form of putting a few green techniques here and there.

Whether spa owners are truly activists for the environment or just out to make an extra buck off the latest “organic”, “locally grown” buzz words they are coming up with increasingly creative offerings on their menus.  Many look to local vineyards, deserts, and rock formations to come up with the new body wrap or manicure.  

One Pittsburgh spa attempts to attract clients to their $140 “Stimulating Hot Cocoa Facial” by doling out edible chocolate treats in the waiting room.  Though this particular spa boasts the use of using chocolate from a local ice cream shop, it leaves out the part about importing the cocoa beans from Africa.  Woops.

What do you think of the new trend in spas to go green?

Would you dole out the extra cash for a more environmentally friendly spa treatment?

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  • scooter64 By scooter64

    Ok folks, I am all for trips to the SPA and being pampered. I also hope that more SPA's will be using locally grown and/or organic products, and be enviormentily friendly. Personally,I thinks some SPA's are in it for the money. Most don't even appear to be dedicated to the health aspect of what a good SPA should really be. If a SPA wants to establish a very solid "green" business they need to be able to provide their services with high quality, in a cost effective manner using some creativity, being inovative and having some imagination. All the "frills" of some SPA's are not actually on the healthy side.

  • Granilithe86 By Granilithe86

    I'm all for companies going green. I would pay more, but not an insane amount more. Just like when grocery shopping, I will pay a few dollars more for organic or green based products, but I will not pay twice as much for it. Though I will admit, if I had the money, I absolutely would.

  • ntotsch By ntotsch

    While i think its great that we're all trying to be more environmentally conscious, there's no way i would pay $140 for a hot cocoa facial. lol --I think some companies are using it to their advantage way too much-- Being organic should save us money, not cost us more. --If it was only a few dollars difference and i really thought their heart was in it, then yea, I'd do it. But I'm not supporting someone who's price gouging. --I"ll stick with my $35 hour massage.

  • msfriendly By msfriendly

    I will support any business that is trying to be more environmentally responsible. It's the same if you go to your local farmer's market for food. You may pay a bit more but it's certainly worth it!

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