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A Moisturizer on a Mission!

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Two Words About Healthy, Radiant Skin: Preserve and Protect
Though people traditionally spend more time in the sun during the hot summer months, it is important to be thinking about serious sun protection throughout the year. bliss® best of skintentions™ is a new multi-tasking moisturizer that provides defense against both burn-causing UVB rays and age-inducing UVA rays.  And it’s not just serious sun defense--this moisturizer also delivers a daily dose of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and omegas that keep skin healthy and leaves a luminous finish.

Fun in the Sun is No Party for Your Skin (Year-round!)
In the U.S., the Sun Protection Factor (“SPF”) system only measures protection from UVB rays. There is currently no UVA rating system in America. But since UVA radiation is what causes skin aging--breaking down collagen and elastin, and damaging cellular DNA--bliss turned to the existing Japanese UVA rating system, or “PA,” which thoroughly evaluates levels of UVA protection. bliss best of skintentions’ “PA++” rating means it’s clinically proven to block those skin-aging rays. We think that’s good news in any language!

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