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The forums here are AWFUL There is rampant bullying on the forums of this site. I don't mind constructive criticism - this was not that. I asked one question about my child and posters made lots of nasty assumptions about my family. There was name calling, swearing, making fun of me, saying my child must be intellectually disabled, etc. There are a group of posters on the more popular forums who gang up and bully others. Moderators do nothing. I was really upset for awhile after that. I went there looking for support and left traumatized.

Perfect Parenting Website Absolutely LOVE this website. They have helped me from pregnancy to current times with my baby. I look forward to getting their emails about my babys development, and if I ever have any question I can find unbiased opinions on their website without question. There is so much knowledge on every topic you can think of.

I love love LOVE this site! The community boards, article, all of it! There's always plenty to look at and learn!

I like this website. I 1st found it after I found out I was pregnant with my daughter

I tracked my entire pregnancy with I received emails showing my babies progressive while it was in the womb. Very detailed. Then after my daughter was born I still received updates on her development as a toddler. They give me examples of things she should or could do at each age. Being a first time mom this was very helpful. I also found the origin on her name on the Babycenter!! Anything about babies it's all here try it, you'll love it.

Love this website so informative, I use all of the time.

I went on babycenter as a result from a google search. My sister just had her third baby in December and I wanted to make sure I knew how to take care of a newborn when I babysit. It offers such helpful guides and videos. They cover everything from getting pregnant to well beyond, even baby names! Honestly I got a bit swept away in all the info!

This website has all the answers! I think its perfect for moms to be, new moms, and professional mommies!!! I had a difficult time in the beginning of my pregnancy and everytimg I googled a question about my pregnancy Baby center always popped up with an answer and lots of comments from members where you can read and relate to tjem which put me at ease. I know trusting the internet isnt the best thing to trust, but believe me as a first timer being pregnant, everything freaked me out. I also have their app which is wonderful! I get to see what kind of stuff my baby might be up to. overall there are several features this website offers and I truly recommend this website to any mom to be or mom.

The best websites for new parents. I started visiting while I was pregnant with my daughter. I found the information provided very helpful. I continued to visit the website until my daughter turned 3 years old. helped me figure out a lot of things during my daughter's first 3 years.

My go-to place for anything kids. I looked at it before I was even pregnant, and am still using it for my son 5 years later. My favorite are the emails you can sign up for that sends you weekly info about your child at their current stage of development. And any time I have a question about my boys, this is the first website I go to and trust.