BabyCakes Cake Pop Maker

BabyCakes Cake Pop Maker

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My Choice! This helps with the involvement of the whole age-diverse family. It can be complicated but how much more sturdy can it get for its price!

Making baking easier I have one of these and the Children love this. it makes baking so much easier and the best part is the children can decorate it them self which they love to do, it also gives parents something to do with their children, its nit just for children but you can also make some for a birthday party, I made some just a few days ago for a one year olds birthday. i love this product

They never came out as balls and its not that easy to clean

NO!!! No, no, no, no, no, no.......this is the wrong way to make a cake pop. Why? because you are literally changing the form of a cup cake and it's also harder to eat!! The right way to make a cake pop is by baking a cake, crumbling it up when it's done, stirring in a container of frosting, and forming them into balls, then you can dip them in chocolate and let them harden and do you know why this way is better? Well I will tell you!! Because when you add the frosting to the cake pop mixture it makes them nice and moist and you can keep them in your fridge for over six months and they will still be as good as the day that you made them!!! And I know this because I had cake pops at my wedding and that's how they were made and we had left overs that sat in the fridge forever and they were great even though they had been there for an eternity. So this machine is ruining cake pops for humanity. DO NOT USE IT!!!!

I recieved this as a birthday gift and was so excited to use it...well it's a pain in the butt to clean up lol cause I have a tendency to spill batter yeah. I did like the tiny cupcakes though as I do not have a tiny cupcake pan, but I haven't used this in several years it's all alone in my closet, maybe one day I'll feel sorry for it and dig it out lol

Cute product. But so putsy! It's just easier to make cupcakes the old fashioned way.

I liked this product so much I killed it. I don't know if it was me or it couldn't handle all the baking time I put it through but it died after making a few thousand pops in 4 months. I bake on the side for extra money and cakes pops and cupcake cakes are a huge hit. Now when you first get it you have to figure your system out because you can't be slow about filling all wholes or one or two will burn.

love it!! easy to make and kids love it!!!

I thought this would be super easy to use, but I was wrong. You have to be really quick when filling pouring the batter in. To be honest I actually prefer to make cake pops by hand.

Not as easy as you think it would be. I prefer making them the traditional way.

This doesn't work as well as I had expected. The bottoms of the cake pops are browner than the tops because of the design. I would rather make cake pops the traditional way.

Super easy and quick! Fun project for the kids!

This is the closest and cutest thing to/since the little portable baking oven for kids I used to have and play with. So yeah, its 5 star material

If you have ever tried to make cake pops the original way by hand it is mess and takes forever. the cake pop maker is great it cooks a few a bunch of them at a time on both sides so they cook quickly. they can be left to enjoy like donut holes or put in a stick and decorate as cake pops. it makes a quick set of cake pops that are light and tasty. Bought for self and family as a gift.