Zyrtec-D Tablets

Zyrtec-D Tablets

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Works great Only allergy medicine that keeps my eyes from itching. Works great but for some reason make me very drowsy.

Helps clear up all my allergy while keeping me awake! Never any drowsiness with it!

this is the only allergy medicine I use in allergy season and this works a lot better than claritin

When my allergies are really acting up bad I turn to this product to help me get better. It really helps with the congestion in my nose .

I tried taking claritin and found by mid-day I was struggling. I've since switched to Zyrtec which is much better for all day relief. My allergies often trigger my asthma and this keeps everything tame and the migraines away.

We always use this brand for allergies and now is the time to get this more then ever. I have seasonal allergies and a bit to dander and pets as well. I have a husky mix and these can really make my life easier.

This is the only over counter meds that I think works. I even started to give this to the kids. It doesn't make any of the drowsy. They even have now when the dissolvable pill form for those who have a hard time swallowing

This allergy medicine works great for me,clears it up fast without being. drowsy.

I don't suffer from year-long allergies but, after years of not having a yard to take care of, I found myself with a constant runny nose every time I had to mow the lawn (and it's a pretty big lawn). I take one tablet about thirty minutes before I crank the mower up and I can mow for almost two hours without having to stop to blow my nose. I don't feel any different (no drowsiness, excitability) - just no sniffles. Thank you Zyrtec!

Tis the season,all year long for me. Zyrtec D has worked better for me than anything else and I have tried everything. I had sinus surgery several years ago but still have allergy problems which had led to recurrent sinus infections and this product has really helped me out. Thank You Zyrtec D!

My husband and son-in-law use Zyrtec and love it. Works great and non-drowsy.

Zyrtec is the only allergy medication that seems to keep my symptoms under control. I am someone who has many seasonal allergies and find myself miserable during certain times of the year. This is Zyrtec D meaning that it has the epinephrine in it. It is a very strong decongestant. This just means you have to talk to your pharmacist in order to get it from behind the counter. There is a certain maximum amount you can buy at a time but it is usually like a two week supply. This product works so well that you should not need it longer. If you do, you may want to go to your doctor to make sure it isn't something else that you are masking. Don't be nervous when talking to the pharmacist. It is just a controlled drug and you do not get into trouble unless you are basically going store to store buying the stuff. Which the decongestant in it also it will perk you up. Be careful because it can greatly increase your blood pressure and heart rate.

This is my go-to during allergy season. It's prescription strength but you can buy it over the counter. It doesn't make me drowsy and gives all day relief of sneezing and congestion from allergies. A good alternative if Claritin isn't doing the trick.