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  • coffeechic By  coffeechic    

    I love this knife because there are times when I like to prepare salads in advance. Cut, wash, spin, store the lettuce for a quick salad whenever with no brown edges at all.

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  • Chele13 By  Chele13    

    I really like this product, we tend to cut up a great deal of lettuce in advance for use in salads during the week and we found if using a regualr knife the lettuce browns quick as opposed to when we use this knife it stays green and fresh longer and like the other poster said it is good for getting cake out too....

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  • lupay85 By  lupay85    

    Okay I admit it, I bought a plastic lettuce knife, it was pretty and red. So usless! Really a regular knife works just fine for lettuce, but I found a use for the thing! It is great for cutting cake in a non stick baking pan, no more scratching your non stick with a regular knifre!

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