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  • kdr826 By  kdr826    

    Love it!

    I like the thickness of Zoya nail polish, you only have to apply 1 coat unlike other nail polishes out there. I also like the colors!

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  • Nabiyazaki By  Nabiyazaki    

    Zoya nail polishes are so good. They stay on for a really long time

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  • WholeBeautyBlog By  WholeBeautyBlog    

    Hands down, my favorite brand of nail polish. Their range of colors is astonishing, and every one I've tried has been gorgeous. The prettiest ones, to me, are their shimmers. They achieve a deeper, more chromatic look than any other brand I've seen...the colors have real dimension. They are big-5 free, too, so I love that I'm using a nail polish with less chemicals than other brands. I've found it lasts a bit longer than regular drugstore brands, so the price is worth it. Try the color Happi! It is THE perfect summer shimmer...it looks coral one minute, and gold the next!

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  • jhebert By  jhebert    

    I LOVE Zoya nail polish. This is a good quality polish. Doesn't take many coats and polish lasts pretty well. The colors and names are so fun!

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  • Manda7585 By  Manda7585    

    This is the best nail polish I have ever used! It goes on evenly and stays on for a week, sometimes longer. It comes in great colors!

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  • gin333 By  gin333    

    I received a bottle in my IPSY Glam Bag and it was a hot pink I loved it. It lasted a long time with no chips or peeling.

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  • briamichele By  briamichele    

    I got a green bottle of zoya in an Ipsy bag and i loved it !!!!

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  • geepear By  geepear    

    pretty good polishes. i like the colour & texture selections. price is reasonable too.

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  • jbenson89 By  jbenson89    

    I love my Zoya polish! doesnt seem to crack like other nail polish!

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  • mishalynnne By  mishalynnne    

    I love Zoya nails. The quality of these nail polishes are really great! They glide on easily and are true to the color! :)

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  • Rosenna472 By  Rosenna472    

    Zoya Nail Polish comes in a variety of colors. Some of Zoya Nail Polish comes in one of a kind shades which I think is great.

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  • onenac By  onenac    

    awesome brand of polish, nice colors

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  • SBBAmy By  SBBAmy    

    Zoya is an awesome brand of polish! I only have a few of their polishes though because they are slightly expensive at $8-9 a bottle. They apply very smoothly and have great staying power. I highly recommend picking up a few of these when Zoya runs special promotions.

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  • NaturalBeauti By  NaturalBeauti    

    I have not tried it yet but the variety of colors excite me

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  • jillnunn By  jillnunn    

    I have a few bottles of Zoya polish and they are the most durable I've ever used. Doesn't show ANY chipping or dulling of color, and the color comes off very cleanly when you do want to remove it. It is far worth it to pay a couple bucks more than you'd pay for a drugstore brand and have a product that is far superior.

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