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  • dmp515 By  dmp515    

    Zoku is super quick

    Zoku popsicle maker is a hit! Make your popsicles super quick, super healthy, super easy! makes popsicle making so simple you can make a new flavor every day. Gentle reminder....this popsicle maker freezes super fast so if you have a curious young one that wonders what will happen if I stick my tongue to it.....yep....just like sticking your tongue on a frozen flagpole....it sticks!

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  • jennyksmith84 By  jennyksmith84    

    i did not like this popsicle maker

    i did not like this Popsicle maker. i followed the directions specifically and could not get the Popsicle out. we ended up not using it at all. better to get cheap plastic molds at dollar store.

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  • carrotop13 By  carrotop13    

    So fun! My son and I love coming up with new recipes to try. We can be healthy or a little naughty! Quick and so easy!

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  • jo3321 By  jo3321    

    love to make them with the kids

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  • Kim1035 By  Kim1035    

    This thing is OK. I have really only made popsicles once about two years ago when I got it. It seemed like a great thing when we got it, but we had to make our freezer colder so it would work right and since then we've never taken it out to use it again. When we did use it I found it very easy to use, but if your freezer isn't so cold ice cream comes out hard as a rock then your popsicles won't freeze fully even after 9 minutes. I'd rather be able to eat my ice cream right after I take it out of the freezer and not 15 minutes later when it's soft enough to scoop. If you like your freezer extra cold this is a fun little gadget for quick popcicles made out of your favorite juice.

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  • Maryberry By  Maryberry    


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  • tiffoverton77 By  tiffoverton77    

    My kids and I make these things all the time and it is so fast! We love this little thing!

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  • ibahowell By  ibahowell    

    I love this little thing! It makes popcicles in 7-9 mins! You can make any kind from healthly to regular in mins. It is super easy to use, and kids love it! It also makes cool designs with the character kit.

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