Zipfizz Energy Drink Mix

Zipfizz Energy Drink Mix

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As a Rockstar addict I can definitely say I will not be switching to this ever . I tried this in a wal mart where they were sampling it and they told me all about how it had so many more vitamins than Rockstar and all that but I like how rockstar tastes and im not in it for the vitamins so that didnt matter to me. I tried the orange flavor and to be quite honest I found it kind of gross. Like kool aid with not enough sugar. It is kind of pricey as well and I didnt feel any difference after drinking it. I wouldnt buy or recommend this product personally but I'd suggest trying it for yourself as everyone has different tastes.

Zipfizz is an energy drink mix (powder) that you are to mix into 16-20 ounces of water. As the name implies, it fizzes! So make sure your container has room for the bubbles to rise, or you'll be sucking furiously, trying to catch the overflow! (The less water you use, the more it fizzes.) Zipfizz is sugarfree (just 10 calories per serving), and comes in a variety of flavors: Grape, berry, pink lemonade, citrus, and orange soda. My favorites are grape, which tastes just like I remember Grapettte soda tasting when I was a kid; and citrus, which is tasty on its own, but which I often mix in a little water, and then add to orange juice, lemonade, or diet lemon/lime soda just for a little extra kick. I'm not really evaluating this as an energy drink. I'm so constantly fatigued from severe insomnia that I can't tell any difference that this product might be making. What I CAN tell you is that it is helping me break a more than 40-year addiction to Pepsi! For years, I've consumed one or two sodas a day. With the help of Zipfizz, I'm down to just two or three sodas a week! Zipfizz has enough soda-like fizzy mouth feel and burn down the throat that it makes it possible for me to resist drinking my favorite soda. And, it doesn't hurt that Zipfizz is loaded with vitamins C, E, lots of the B's, and more. It comes in cute, colorful little plastic tubes that are easy to carry in a pocket or purse. When eating out, I ask for an extra glass of water (no ice, or ice in a separate glass) "to mix my vitamins in." Every restaurant and fast food joint has been very nice about accommodating me. The tubes don't go to waste either! I peel off the Zipfizz label, and put on my own labels and stickers, and use the tubes to store everything from aspirin to toothpicks, a sewing kit, craft beads, etc. Some tubes, I fill with a cranberry/aloe powder drink mix that I use. Also, I tossed some empty, label-free tubes in with my treats for Halloween trick-or-treaters, and they were the first thing gone! Zipfizz is sold in boxes of 20 tubes, at prices varying from around $20, to about $38 dollars per box. You can find it on, or on, among others. I have found it the cheapest at Sam's Club (the lower price!). Unfortunately for me, our Sam's carries only the grape and the orange soda flavors, so I have to order my citrus online at the higher prices. For what I'm getting out of it, it is well worth it!