ZeroWater Water Filtration System

ZeroWater Water Filtration System

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Stock up on filters before you buy it was good for the water bottles shortage of 2020 but when you realize that the filters cost more than the purifier does when you don't have the money to buy three and four at a time, its almost heartbreaking. I feel too bad to throw it away nobody wants it so it lives on my fridge.

clean water I've been using Zerowater for about 10 years. It's great at filtering water. I wish the filter lasted longer. the filter lasts about 3-4 weeks with 4 people home all day in my house

Great tasting water and so great for the environment. I never use a bottled water anymore - I use my reusable travel bottle, and I know I'm helping making a difference

No More Bottled H2O I used to spend $50+ dollars a month on bottled water, but found I couldn't afford it any more. I found the Zero Water Filter system on sale at Target and decided to give it a try. I have been pleasantly surprised. I can use the system to get distilled water for my C-PAP machine, and the water actually tastes better than the Sparkletts water I drank for over 50 years. The only problem with it, is it has to filter my Southern Californian tap water, which at the moment is dealing with smoke and ash in the water as well as the other matter in our reservoirs so I have to change the filter more often. It started out at every 3 weeks, but is now down to every week. Given a few more months, and some rain, I hope to be able to go back to every 3 weeks.