Zarbee's Children's Cough Syrup

Zarbee's Children's Cough Syrup

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Zarbee?s Cough Syrup This one is my little one's favorite! This is the only cough medicine she can take without spitting it up! Definitely recommend to mothers especially first time moms!

Better for the kiddos I think it's better to buy the brand than the other name brands as I feel like they are not so full of chemicals. My kids have use this for years and it has worked for them. I'll buy again.

Better than it looks I was skeptical at first because tbh it looks and smells... Off... But let me tell you I am writing this after a good night's sleep after being up for 3 nights with this girl (1yo) I tried EVERYTHING but finally bought this and she is OUT (in a good way!)

Careful Careful can cause nausea and vomitting. Product does work if your child is able to keep down.

It's okay This is an okay syrup. I don't think that it actually helped my daughter with her cough. It is way too sticky. I wouldn't think that a cough syrup, even one with honey, would be so sticky.

great cough syrup This is a great cough syrup .I like that its effective and its not expensive compared to other brands. I also like that this brand uses natural ingredients that offer a peace of mind to us parents.

Best cough syrup for us. Helps ease granddaughter's cough and lets her rest.

A bit... sticky I would have given a 5 star if only it wasn't so sticky, I understand it has honey in it but it seems a lot stickier than any normal medicine. I do like the fact that it is for younger babies and it did help when my son had a bit of a nasty cough during the winter, it is really messy to clean up afterwards though. My son had no complaints about it, he really liked the taste but had to show him it wasn't food.

great natural Zarbys is my new fav! I love that its all natural and safe for my kids and yes it soothes their throat.

Love Zarbee's! We love Zarbee's cough syrup in our house. It makes such a difference for my boys. With them being so young they are very limited as to what they can take. Zarbee's is all natural, even our baby can use it. They have a night time cough syrup which is very helpful. Zarbee's is a must have!

This seemed to help our daughter fairly well when she had a cough and seemed to have some difficulty clearing her phlegm. One dose of this and seemed to be back in action.

First time I tried it my son was five month's old and he refused it. It was too sweet for him (he still isn't into sweets at 18 months). When I was able to get a little in him it didn't do much. He was offer a year the next time I tried it and he took it easier that time but still didn't seem to like the taste. It helped reduce his coughing but not stop it. It's affordable and an easy to find natural way to help even the youngest children. So it's with a try.

Works great grandson took it so well without refusing or spitting out

Zarbee's cough syrup is not only wonderful for the little people cough it also works well for the adult cough as well. This works better than any adult cough meds I have ever taken.

This does help calm a cough but I feel it is only temporary like maybe 10-15 minutes in my experience. It is nice though to have something to help the younger children even if it is only for 10-15 min.