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ZYNC from American Express® is a Card you can shape to fit your life. It comes with the benefits and protections American Express is known for. And it also lets you customize your Card with "Packs," which are bundles of rewards and benefits based on your interests. Get special perks, like access to secret sales with the STYLE Pack, and early access to concert tickets with the MUSIC Pack. There’s also an ECO Pack, a RESTAURANT Pack, and a PERSONAL FINANCE Pack, and more. Add as many Packs as you’d like to start enjoying more of the things you love to do.

  1. ZYNC must be in all caps and first mention must be ZYNC®
  2. Card is always capitalized when it follows ZYNC and first reference must be ZYNC® Card
  3. Amex Logo
  4. Registered trademark is required in the first reference to ZYNC from American Express®

About Disclosures

Our SheSpeaks’ programs are built on the SheSpeaks Promise, and it’s important to us that blog readers know that the product you’re posting about was provided by ZYNC from American ExpressSM. We believe that it is in the best interest of our clients, our members, and your blog readers that everyone know the source of the product.

There are two ways to disclose the SheSpeaks relationship:

  1. Mention SheSpeaks in the text of your post, with a link to our site
  2. or Mention SheSpeaks with one of the below badges

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