Yves St. Laurent Opium Perfume

Yves St. Laurent Opium Perfume

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I really love this.

My children give me this beautiful fragrance every Mother's Day.....as I gave it to my late mother each year. I guess it's a family tradition of appreciating both this amazing fragrance and mom :)

This is a wonderful old standby. Been around a good while. YSL has just chosen Emily Blunt as their new spokeswoman for the fragrance. Saw it in Harper's, Elle and Vogue yesterday. Warm, unique scent.

Opium is my all time favorite scent. It has a very distinctive aroma and all you need is a small dab. You are guaranteed to receive compliments from people who love the perfume and will ask you what brand it is!

Opium has been around since the 1970's. My mom and I both wear it, although it's not as popular as it once was. It is an oriental-spice fragrance with a sensual connotation. It is moderately priced, not super cheap but not super expensive. The last bottle I bought was $30. for 2 oz. If you are looking for a unique perfume that is not overpowering or offensive give it a try.