Yummy healthy fruit dip


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    10 Mins
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    10 Mins
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Yummy healthy fruit dip

Makes: 8 2 oz

Description: This is a recipe I altered slightly when my girls were home on college break. They tend to complain they always put weight on when they are home because I have all the good food! Ha! I wasn't worried about their weight but wanted them to enjoy what they were eating. Once I explained why they didn't have to feel guilty, they shared the recipe with their roommates!

1-2 lbs  Assorted fruit
16 oz  Plain Greek yogurt - higher the protein the better!
2 Tblsp  Brown sugar
1/2 TSP  Almond extract

Instructions: Mix yogurt, brown sugar and extract together. Let sit about five minutes for the sugar to begin to dissolve and mix again.

You may want to adjust sugar to taste. Dip freshly sliced fruit in mixture. Great will all fruits
For a dessert idea, fill the small graham cracker pie crusts with diced fresh fruit. Top generously with dip.

Other extracts may be tasty for your family. Mine prefers this one!

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