You've Got Mail Movie

You've Got Mail Movie

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Classic love story told in a modern day fashion! Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan still have the magical on screen chemistry that had in "Sleepless in Seattle". It is a must see for rom-com fans!

I'm one of those people who loves everything Meg Ryan does. She was great in When Harry Met Sally, fantastic in Sleepless in Seattle, and just wonderful in You've Got Mail. Tom Hanks is another actor I am over the moon for. He is brilliant in everything he does. This movie is in my top 20 greatest movies. I watch it a few times a year. ***Synopsis SPOILERS*** Meg plays a bookstore owner and Tom's family is opening a Fox Books superstore which threatens to put them out of business. Meanwhile, their characters strike up an anonymous online chat friendship with each other. It is truly a great Rom-Com movie.

Best romantic comedy of all time. Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks are so witty and the perfect match in this movie.

Good film, not overly exciting, but still a sweet love story.

One of my favorite Rom coms! Meg Ryan was cutest ever in this one. Good relevant storyline that makes you want to cheer for both Meg and Tom. Love it!

This is my most favorite romantic comedy ever! I think I like it because I love reading books and this has to do with 2 bookstore owners who fall in love even though they are rivals.

One of my all time favorite movies. Whimsical and refreshing every time you watch it. NYC in Autumn. A classic soundtrack and Tom & Meg. What's not to like? I have never spoken to anyone who didn't love it. LOVE THIS MOVIE!! It even beats out the original "Shop Around the Corner" for me.

This is a great chick flick. It is one of my favs, especially when I am in the mood to go a little retro and watch something from the 90's.

A feel good chick flick.

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are such magic together! This movie will make you love the characters and cheer them on. There were many funny moments and many touching moments in the film.

It was nice to see Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan play opposite each other again, but this movie almost put me to sleep. Nice performances by the actors, but the script was pretty dull.

I love any Tom Hanks movie but this is a very cute "chick flick" that brings Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks together again. It's a cute movie that you can watch over and over again.

This movie was alright. Although it had some witty and funny parts, it is certainly not one of my favorites. Sure, we all loved Sleepless in Seattle, and I think that's obviously what they were hoping to gain by making this. I think that it's an ok spin on the whole story of how they really shouldn't like one other, let alone fall in love. I don't want to ruin this for anyone, but it's a decent movie with some talented actors.

One of my favorite feel good movies!

This is one of my husbands favorite movies. I have seen it so many times I can almost recite it word for word. It is a good movie and a good story too! Love it.