Your Whopper is Just a Click or Phone Call Away

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Your Whopper is Just a Click or Phone Call Away

As if fast food wasn’t fast enough, Burger King is planning to make it even faster with a new home delivery option. The fast food giant is known for trying out experimental services (like adding booze to the menu) in a bid to keep up with rivals like Wendy’s and McDonalds. Now BK is hoping their new home delivery service will be a hit with customers.

A recent report from the LA Times discusses the details of Burger King’s plans for bringing burgers to your door. Currently home delivery is in trials and is only available in a handful of restaurants in Washington D.C. Customers can order online or call the store, there is a $2 delivery charge and a minimum order of between $8 and $10. Almost everything on the menu is fair game for delivery except fountain drinks, milk shakes, coffee and breakfast foods.

Keeping the fries crispy en route could be a challenge, but BK spokeswoman Kristen Hauser assures that “New delivery packaging technology, in conjunction with thermal bags, keep food hot & fresh.”

If successful, the home delivery service will expand to 16 more stores by the end of the month. BK officials are hoping to see the same kind of success here in the states that they have already seen in Mexico, Turkey, Brazil, Columbia, and Peru where the service has been available for quite some time.

What do you think of Burger King offering home delivery of their fast food?

Would you ever consider ordering delivery from a fast food restaurant like Burger King?

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  • chanelshykisses By chanelshykisses

    I think its a great idea I love bk so much!

  • wasntme64 By wasntme64

    Not having drinks delivered is not real smart. At least offers bottled drinks . i like he delivery idea overall and would use it.

  • erinasha1981 By erinasha1981

    This could be very different. Fast food delivery? I am really not big into Buger King but hey some will like it right!

  • drien84 By drien84

    I think its a great idea!

  • Lilnome By Lilnome

    I woud consider it I suppose. It might be a good option for nights I have a sitter instead of having a pizza delivered!

  • tlpayne45 By tlpayne45

    I don't need this service.

  • kymomma By kymomma

    I definitely would!!!!! They make my fav. burger and my kids love it too!!!

  • dragonfly777 By dragonfly777

    I'd use this!! I also have friends in NYC and Boston who would LOVE this too!

  • wendyjo1969 By wendyjo1969

    i guess its no different than delivery pizza

  • misengeek By misengeek

    What a ridiculous idea!

  • EMundy By EMundy

    I would try it at least once. If I had more money than time, it might be worth the $2.

  • brownidmomma By brownidmomma

    I would so order fast food more because I dont drive lol I would lovethis idea

  • heatbutterfly By heatbutterfly

    I would love to see that in indiana

  • jygriebel By jygriebel


  • Tricias-List By Tricias-List

    Wow... I thought going through the drive thru was convenient enough ! I am at odds with this proposal. On the one hand,you have food you crave being delivered to you just like pizza.And on the other hand... you're having a LOT of opportunity to have tons of bad calories and fats brought to you.I say this because I think that along with the convenience will come the temptation to buy more and add to your order.And that will keep you sedentary ... which MAY lead to weight gain among other things. I am all for convenience,but I also don't need any more extra calories being delivered to me,lol.

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