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Your Whopper is Just a Click or Phone Call Away

Your Whopper is Just a Click or Phone Call Away

As if fast food wasn’t fast enough, Burger King is planning to make it even faster with a new home delivery option. The fast food giant is known for trying out experimental services (like adding booze to the menu) in a bid to keep up with rivals like Wendy’s and McDonalds. Now BK is hoping their new home delivery service will be a hit with customers.

A recent report from the LA Times discusses the details of Burger King’s plans for bringing burgers to your door. Currently home delivery is in trials and is only available in a handful of restaurants in Washington D.C. Customers can order online or call the store, there is a $2 delivery charge and a minimum order of between $8 and $10. Almost everything on the menu is fair game for delivery except fountain drinks, milk shakes, coffee and breakfast foods.

Keeping the fries crispy en route could be a challenge, but BK spokeswoman Kristen Hauser assures that “New delivery packaging technology, in conjunction with thermal bags, keep food hot & fresh.”

If successful, the home delivery service will expand to 16 more stores by the end of the month. BK officials are hoping to see the same kind of success here in the states that they have already seen in Mexico, Turkey, Brazil, Columbia, and Peru where the service has been available for quite some time.

What do you think of Burger King offering home delivery of their fast food?

Would you ever consider ordering delivery from a fast food restaurant like Burger King?

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  • gwenparrish By gwenparrish

    not a fan!

  • emolie27 By emolie27

    I would love it if they did this here! Once in awhile I like fast food, but I live in a big city without a car, so that is never an option for me!

  • msfriendly By msfriendly

    I can see where it can come in handy for some people or workplaces. I don't eat fast food. My concern is the "couch potatoes" who really shouldn't be eating this stuff in the first place now have it even more convenient not to eat the right, healthy food.

  • alison18 By alison18

    I like Burger King but they are already expensive as it is (at least in Los Angeles). And no drinks, shakes, coffee, or breakfast foods? That's way too much to not offer. How many people actually order food without a drink?

  • rosepowell By rosepowell

    This is an awesome idea, I'm just wondering if it will actually be beneficial to Burger King to do this... I would definitely use this service and it would come in handy on those days when the weather isn't so great or your in a crunch and have to hit the ground running after work to have food delivered by the time you get home! I love the idea. Just wondering how long they'll keep it, because I believe KFC used to deliver too, but it didn't last long and delivery times took forever!

  • kali11 By kali11

    Well Maybe...but I hardly go there. And adding an extra $2.00 to the meal not sure about that with no drinks included. Hmm I just rather go pick it up myself. If I were to be sick or undisposed to get out of my house then maybe...

  • FabFindFoodie By FabFindFoodie

    When I lived in Mpls., a local Subway delivered and I LOVED it! Now, BK may not be the healthiest, but it will probably be a great convenience for lunch breaks at work, people who have no or limited transportation, or on nights when cooking is not on the menu. ;)

  • Harija By Harija

    I need my drinks and $2 bucks it too much, they should make it $1

  • pankuch1605 By pankuch1605

    i LOVE burger king!!! the best, simply the best and better than all the rest. looking forward to this 1!

  • chris_ann91 By chris_ann91

    I would consider it. Even if just one time. For myself alone it isn't worth it,I don't eat a lot of stuff they have on the menu. I have been to another country that if you want "fast food" it can be delivered to you. I don't know if this type of idea would work in a very rural setting or other places in the dead of winter. I am sure they would have limitations set. It will be interesting to find out how well it works.

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