Your #SheSpeaksNewYear Resolutions

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Feb 03, 2016

Earlier this year, we ran a #SheSpeaksNewYear giveaway on Instagram. We asked our community to post a picture of their New Year's resolution with our hashtag. Nearly 200 members shared their hopes and passions for 2016, clearly taking to heart that posting these publicly could very well reinforce motivation. One lucky entrant won a FitBit. Please congratulate SheSpeaks community member gracepignatare! We can't wait to hear how it helps her fitness routine in the year ahead!

We wanted to share just a few of your fabulous entries, but please know that we thought they were ALL amazing.

The majority of entries revolved around staying in shape. So many of us want to lose weight and get in shape by exercising and eating less, drinking more water and spending more time outdoors. Many of you want to be in more photos next year with members of your family rather than just take them. Many want to live longer, and staying in shape is how they plan to make that goal happen. Take a look at a few examples:




Another goal of many members is to spend more time with family. We saw a lot of photos with children, grandchildren and spouses. We loved these photos. Some were downright adorable, as you can see:



Some members had very personal daily goals, including writing more, reading more books, crocheting, journaling more consistently, and getting organized. We were duly impressed by everyone's ambitions and hope that the daily motivation lasts throughout the year. Here are a few prolific goals:



Other members resolved to building their kids' character:


Several wrote down their goals in a list and shared it, another great way to reinforce sticking to resolutions:


Overall, we loved each and every entry and all the optimism and excitement over what the New Year has in store!

Did you enter our #SheSpeaksNewYear giveaway?If not, please let us know your goal in the comments below. Please keep in touch and let us know if you stick to your 2016 resolutions.

And, of course, continue to follow us on Instagram at @SheSpeaksUp for more inspiration....or follow us today!!!!

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cdazzled28 by cdazzled28 | Hilton, NY
Feb 04, 2016

Congrats! I was really hoping to win the Fitbit to get my goal in gear. I have gotten out enjoy the mild weather and be active. Thanks for getting me to think ahead and inspire my new year goal.

jessica616 by jessica616 | COVENTRY, RI
Feb 03, 2016

My goal for this new year of 2016 is first off just breathe. Think wise and overcome major depression and ptsd. I will b a stronger person this year for myself and my children. I must pay more attention to myself and my health versus taking care of others which i love to do but i completely neglected myself and put myself in a part of life that i never imagined to be and a bit unhappy. I have decided i can only move forward and just start fresh. So so much more i could write got carried away sorry.

deerlee by deerlee | Naples, FL
Feb 03, 2016

run, run, run more!

mbb216 by mbb216 | FT LAUDERDALE, FL
Feb 03, 2016

Walk 10K steps daily

lc0002 by lc0002 | Philadelphia, PA
Feb 03, 2016

just took my first group fitness class today. look forward to more.

bindrid by bindrid | Brooklyn, NY
Feb 03, 2016

to eat better & cut out excess sugar

aubs78 by aubs78 | SENECA, SC
Feb 03, 2016

I am going to overcome my battle with bulimia. I've struggled with this for 10 years and 2016 is the year I finally commit to this goal and beat it. I will recover this year.

thriftyrocks by thriftyrocks | LANSING, MI
Feb 03, 2016

I plan to do more for others this year. I am trying not to judge other people's choices and just help them with what they need for them.

SusanHN by SusanHN | MAPLEWOOD, NJ
Feb 03, 2016

I'm trying to do less junky snacking. So far, it's been ok - some good days, some bad!