Your Holiday Shopping Survey Results Are In!

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Dec 13, 2022

It's that time again!

For the 10th year in a row we asked you, our SheSpeaks community, to tell us about how you are feeling heading in to the holiday season and how you are planning to shop for the holidays.  Over 1,500 of you weighed in and told us what you thought!

You told us where and how you would shop for the holidays, how you feel about the econimy in the US as well as your personal finances and how you are feeling overall. 

Below are three key things that we heard from you.  You can also check out the graphic below for more of the survey results.

Do these top insights from other SheSpeaks members resonate with you? Let us know in the comments below.   

What you told us: 

1. Women are more concerned about the economy as well as their personal/family finances this holiday season vs. 2021.
  • 38% of women say that they are “concerned” about their personal finances. A 36% increase vs. 2021
  • 64% of women believe that the US economy is declining. A 19% increase over 2021.

2. Women are feeling the exact same top 4 emotions this holiday season as they did last year.
  • #1 Overwhelmed
  • #2 Grateful
  • #3 Hopeful
  • #4 Uncertain

3. Women are planning to be back in store vs. buying all online (there was a 18% drop in people saying they will purchase all online) AND women plan to head back to stores for Black Friday. 
  • Women Will be Shopping Later This Year: 48% will shop before Thanksgiving in 2022 vs. 56% in 2021
  • Black Friday Shopping is Back: 50% of women say that they plan to shop on Black Friday and increase of 17% year over year.


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GypsumOwl by GypsumOwl | Coleman, GA
Apr 19, 2023

Good read

GypsumOwl by GypsumOwl | Coleman, GA
Apr 19, 2023

Good read

FLRedHead by FLRedHead | Winter Park, FL
Jan 07, 2023

Spent a lot for Christmas this year.... then had to get 4 new tires December 27.

phillygirl1967 by phillygirl1967 | PHILADELPHIA, PA
Jan 06, 2023

I wasn't able to buy for anyone but my 2 grandchildren this year, and no one complained. I will do the same next year and spend quality time with everyone else.

castle_designs by castle_designs | Severna Park, MD
Dec 25, 2022

I completely agree with this, especially while being a student too, it is really hard to buy everyone presents, especially with inflation bringing all prices up. I also did mostly receive beauty supplies, clothing and gift cards. Which I do enjoy but I wish there was more variety to what is advertised as ?a gift for her?, why are all the outdoorsy things advertised for men only?

Mjcamp77 by Mjcamp77 | Berlin, PA
Dec 22, 2022

I'm not able to buy for anyone this year due to the economy and the way things are and I'm not at all upset about it. It does really bother me that I can't get for my husband because he works so hard and really needs some things but God will provide. And as for everyone else I'm not concerned because I feel people need to understand the true meaning of Christmas and just enjoy each other.

hariharian by hariharian | Tampa, FL
Dec 16, 2022

Take it easy everyone!

allaboutbeautygirl23 by allaboutbeautygirl23 | TUCSON, AZ
Dec 16, 2022

I love Christmas shopping for my friends and family, I love picking personalized gifts for each person. When each individual person unwraps their gifts it is so awesome to see their face and reaction to each gift I got them. Getting to see their emotion on how much they love and appreciate their gifts maybe they had been wanting all year long. The only thing that is stressful and rough is finances during holidays, especially when your struggling in general no matter what time of the year it is.

Zoiebabee by Zoiebabee | LEESBURG, FL
Dec 16, 2022

Christmas shopping has become so very stressful to me. Between the gifts and the food it can be depressing. My children are all grown so my husband and I decided that staring next year we will make ornaments for all the children and grandchildren. Maybe then it won't feel so painful.

balarifke by balarifke | PHOENIX, AZ
Dec 16, 2022

I am alone so don't buy myself anything until after the holidays. Luckily, I really don't need anything but if there is something I want vs need, I will wait until January to buy.

jthom118 by jthom118 | Owensboro, KY
Dec 16, 2022

I do not believe my age of 66 is included in your survey. Thank you for providing this opportunity to speak up, however.

shertx01 by shertx01 | the villages, FL
Dec 16, 2022

being retired my needs are different than your research but that is ok

kd196310308 by kd196310308 | SAN ANTONIO, TX
Dec 15, 2022

I'm not expecting to receive anything.

Sadiemae13 by Sadiemae13 | Cleveland, OH
Dec 15, 2022

Incredible App to participate in all kinds of things to do like surveys ect

shertx01 by shertx01 | the villages, FL
Dec 15, 2022

amazing gifts