Your 6-Year-Old on Facebook? It Could Happen

   By drodriguez  Jun 11, 2012

It’s no secret that although Facebook has a ban on members under the age of 13 there is no real way of regulating the age of its users. And the truth is (as we previously reported) a consumer report survey reveals that 7.5 million Facebook users are currently under the age of 13.

So it might make sense to some that Facebook is considering allowing the under 13’s a chance to officially have an account. The Wall Street Journal reports about the possibility of the social network developing technology that would require members who were 12 and under to have parental supervision.

One of the possibilities being discussed is to allow young children to connect their account with their parent’s and give parents the say in who they can add as a friend. With the new technology many hope that young users who already plan on lying about their date of birth to open an account will soon face more regulations and be encouraged to use the social network under the wing of a parent.

Maryland Attorney General, Douglas Gansler, is hopeful that possible new measures to allow the under 13’s access will also end up keeping them more safe from cyber bullying, inappropriate content and sexual predators. Gansler says, “We would like to see Facebook create a safe space for kids to [use the site], a sanctuary, with the extra protections needed to ensure a safe, healthy, and age appropriate environment.”

What do you think of the possibility of Facebook setting up special technology that will allow kids under 13 to open an account?

Do you think this would be a step in a safer direction for young kids on Facebook?

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shortj1016 by shortj1016 | BELLEVILLE, IL
Jun 13, 2012

I agree. Facebook doesn't need to set up security measures, the parents just need to control their children and Facebook. That is a really good idea to set up a Facebook account for your children but not give them the password so that if they want to log in they have to ask permission. That solves the issue right there. You as the parent have the password so you can get in at anytime and monitor what your child is doing and your child can't get on without your permission.

floflolinda by floflolinda | GOSHEN, IN
Jun 13, 2012

I think it is a good idea what Facebook is trying to do but not sure how much success they would have. We all want what we cannot have, especially kids, so I think that if Facebook tried to make on specifically for their age they would think it is uncool and would continue to be on the real Facebook. I agree with the above poster on how she monitors hers children's facebook. I know not many people agree with you kids having a facebook but I think if you chose to d so then it is because you trust your child and have good communication. If my kids ever ask to have a facebook page I would have to determine it with what kind of person she is, whether or not she trusts and respects others, the type of friends she hangs out with and ultimately my ability to communicate with her and teach her right from wrong.

thebeverlyhillsmom by thebeverlyhillsmom | BEVERLY HILLS, CA
Jun 12, 2012

Really it's not a big deal becaue shocking I know people are not always honest when setting up those accounts. I don't really think the age regulation actually keeps those underage who really want an account off Facebook. My 2 & 4 year olds have them but they are run my agents and us, they don't even know what Facebook is but my 12 yr old son he's had an account for a long time. We just make sure he doesn't have the password so he only logs in with permission.

saraphina_2884 by saraphina_2884 | OMAHA, NE
Jun 12, 2012

My fiances 7 year old daughter has one. I think her 15 year old stepsister helped her set it up.