Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes

Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes

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Give me the Younique Epic Mascara instead! I had short brittle lashes and bought this mascara to enhance my lashes. I needed thickness and length. I hated it at first! Then they changed the formulation. Then they changed the mascara wand. It was great so I thought. After wearing it for a few hours, I started seeing fibers under my eye. Now I was a formerly worked with Younique so I knew the proper application technique. I tried everythin from applying a drug store mascara as a base coat to an extra coat of group to make double sure I coated every fiber on my lashes. Still had fibers falling down my face 😬. It have the length and thickness i wanted until the fingers started falling off on to my face. No Go for me. And who wants to go through all them steps, keep up with 2 separate tubes, etc when you can just purchase Younique Epic Mascara and get the SAME RESULTS in the length and only have one tube to apply without any fibers falling on your face? Give me all the Epic Mascara but keep that aggravating 3d stuff!!

Va Va Volume Thick and full lashes can really be achieved with this product! I don't even worry about putting on fake lashes anymore! Using this product I get lashes that have so much volume! Super easy to use! The fibers in this product do not flake! Also, it washes off easy! I just use warm water and a face cleanser! My lashes stay beautiful all day without having to reapply or touch up!

Lashes For Days!!! Omg, this mascara!!! If you are looking to add length to you lashes without using fake lashes you have to try Younique's 3D Fiber Lashes!!! It's amazing!

I love this mascara! It makes your eyelashes remarkably long. The only complaint I have is the price. It is so high I cant afford it very often.

I like this product definitely adds volume and length to lashes. The negative is that during the day the lash fibers fall onto your cheeks. For a night out on the town this is perfect but for every day use I wouldn't recommend.

I love this they make my eye look bigger and sexy.

Very cool concept to get longer, fuller lashes! Overall I loved this mascara BUT one thing I did notice is throughout the day I found that there was a little bit of fiber fallout, not a lot but there definitely was some fallout.

This mascara is the HOLY GRAIL of all mascaras! If you have short lashes, you use the gel than the fibers than seal with gel,, it nourishes your lashes, and you achieve the length and volume of falsies.. its amazing i will never be without this and only this mascara! I threw the rest out!

BEST MASCARA HANDS DOWN!!! No mascara can compare to Younique fiber lashes, even other competitors fiber lashes wont hold up to this brand. Any woman who obsesses over have full, thick, long lashes, here is your answer!!!

I love how it easy it makes applying eye lashes.

I absolutely LOVE Younique Moonstruck 3D fiber lash mascara!!!! I will continue to use it til the end of time! It is definitely a HG product for me! It truely is amazing how much more plush, thick and black my lashes look! I could never get the hang of applying false lashes, and I live in a very small town that doesn't have a salon that does lash extensions, so I am so SOS so glad I tried this mascara! I can not say enough great things about this ! I just love it!

The Younique fiber lashes are amazing! I used to use fake lashes. They were messy, annoying and time consuming to place. With fiber lashes you save time and get amazing results in just under 3 minutes. Plus, you don't have to worry about hurting your real eyelashes. The fiber lashes stay put, but are easy to wash off.

I usually wear lash extensions, but have been taking a break from them since having a bad experience. Younique's Moodstuck 3D Fiber Lashes have been my go to since. When your used to lash extensions, regular mascara doesn't even hold a candle. Well, that isn't so when it comes to Younique's Fiber Lashes. I am so glad to have found these! I am obsessed with having the most perfect, plush, thick and voluminous lashes. And that is exactly what you get with these fiber lashes! When I first tried them, the difference was dramatic- so many people noticed and asked about them. It is entirely up to you how dramatic you make them- it is completely build-able so you can go super dramatic or stick with a more natural look. Either way your lashes with come out better than they have with any regular mascara! I have never been very impressed with many mascara's, so finding that this actually lives up to it's hype was truly a wonderful surprise! I may never go back to eyelash extensions as long as they keep making Moodstruck Fiber Lashes!