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  • killer_kitty By  killer_kitty    

    Gross!! Yoplait Greek is vomitous and inedible. Their other products are much better. Worst Greek on the market

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  • jcatt77 By  jcatt77    

    I am a big fan of greek yogurt, but this is not one of my favorites. The texture is somewhat gritty, not creamy like I am looking for. The fruit on the bottom is pretty good and provides a good amount for the size of the container.

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  • niferr By  niferr    

    I get that everyone is on the greek yogurt trend but yoplait should not have gone there! The texture is strange and the fruit swirl is soooo sweet it is intolerable! I cringe thinking about having to try this again! Yoplait stick with your regular yogurt.

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  • DiMabs By  DiMabs    

    This yogurt is very bitter compared to other Greek yogurts on the market. I didn't like the sour taste. I'd give it a big miss.

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  • austinsmommy25 By  austinsmommy25    

    Yuck! I thought this had a weird texture and left a film in my mouth. I had my husband try it and he didn't like it either. It's a good thing, because this yogurt is much more expensive. We will stick to regular yoplait yogurt.

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  • joy9281 By  joy9281    

    I love the texture it is so creamy and fills me up so much better than a regular yogurt does. I use these for breakfast or as a mid afternoon snack before my evening workout and they are just right for that.

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