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I love Yoga Journal I love Yoga Journal and I visit the website regularly to read interesting articles on the thing I am passionate about, yoga

I will be letting my subscription expire. I subscribed to the digital issue, but I will not be renewing when it is due. There are entirely too many advertisements, and the trips to Yoga Camps, etc. are probably above the means of most of the general population. A large percentage of Yoga participants, are tired Moms & Dads with a job and a family, and cannot take the time, nor afford half the things and trips advertised in here. The articles are not laid out well. You have to flip and skim too many advertisements.

Let me clarify a little more, i apologize, I though i put in the /per year subscription however it didn't turn up. Its close to around $17/year but then the bad part is that you only get around 4 or so magazines that year for that much...i felt slightly ripped off... sorry for the vague post/review