Yes to Carrots Lip Butter

Yes to Carrots Lip Butter

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Great simple lip balm I love the Yes to Carrots line! This is a simple, great lip balm and it goes on nice and smooth!

I like this product, but it's not my favorite lip product (and I try and use a LOT). I like that it's from a natural, clean company with a great mission. It keeps my lips hydrated and adds a hint of color, but I wish it was longer lasting. I feel like I reapply more often than I would like

I use the mint lip butter constantly! I love the smell and the flavor, and it keeps my lips soft and moisurized. I also love that it's organic, so I don't have to worry about ingesting harmful chemicals. I would recommend the mint lip butter to anyone!

I love natural products.I think Yes to Blueberries is my favorite makeup remover face wipe there is.

OMG!! this stuff i discovered at walgreens... savior of all saviors for my lips. this stuff softens my lips to perfection, goes on super smooth, and tastes amazing! the melon is my "cant live w/o it" go to balm. i always pick one up when im in a store that carries them. the balm is even appealing to my bf who also has his own stash of the stuff. every time i loan it to a friend they fall in love too. this product is worth every cent!

This does a ok job of moisturizing. I love that it is organic and goes on really well. The smell is great is also.

Very nice! Very creamy feeling on your lips but doesn't seem to last too long. The ingredients in it are healthy. Like it though, I'd buy it again but I'd try the melon for sure.

use the pomagranate when u have chapped lips

I love this lip balm! I got the mint and used it constantly until my dog ate it. I would absolutely buy this again. This is my second favorite, my first being Burt's Bees.

i use the yes to carrots moisturizer and scrub and i love it. the scrub is for gentle skin, the beads r really small so there not so harsh, and for the lotion it smells good and makes your skin super soft. i wanna try balm now

Usually when I purchase lip moisturizers, they either: smell really good but don't do anything to moisturize my lips or don't smell that great yet moisturize. Yes to Carrots Lip Butter is definitely what I've been looking for. I own it in the Melon flavor, and it smells delicious and keeps my lips soft. I use it every day by itself or under lipstick/gloss. -1 star for being a tad expensive and the other scents being not as good.

I bought the citus. Liked the idea of it being 95% organic. It's silky, smooth, glides on easily and is not sticky. Found myself reapplying it. This one tingles chaps lips. And was good for general purpose but did not seem to work well on my very chapped lip days. It's not very moisturizing and not heavy enough to be a barrier. I'd buy it again, trying it in one of the other "scents/flavors."

I am yet to try them.

I liked this lip balm very much!

i love yes to carrot products. they have all natural ingredients and they dont test on animals. they each have coconut and olive oils which leave my lips moisturized all day.