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  • AndolinaZ By  AndolinaZ    

    I said Yes to Tomatoes

    As an acne sufferer, it is difficult to find products that don't irritate my skin and cause breakouts. This is especially so when my acne treatments are being changed. I always need a moisturizer that does its job without the horrible side effects. I will never have to search for another product again. Yes to Tomatoes daily moisturizer lives up to all of my standards when it comes to face care. One of the only facial products I use daily.

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  • maradra1983 By  maradra1983    

    My sister gave me this cream to try it! I told her "what tomato?" But when i used it my skin started to look so smooth thst i changed my mind fot the tomato cream :)

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  • Paradiscal By  Paradiscal    

    This has a great fresh scent that doesn't feel too greasy (which some moisturizers feel like on my skin). I have sensitive skin, and this product has not broken me out!

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  • Bellamamma04 By  Bellamamma04    

    I love this line. Very good for acne prone skin and natural!

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  • cjnelson91 By  cjnelson91    

    I use this stuff as my daily moisturizer. I love the natural scent and it goes on light so my skin doesn't end up feeling greasy. It does help balance my skin tone by reducing the reddish areas around my nose and my skin feels smoother and looks brighter after using it if I forget to for a while. Overall, I love this stuff and I would recommend it for anyone. My skin is really sensitive and this does irritate it a little bit sometimes but much less than moisturizers usually do. I wish it had SPF but I guess that would take away from the amount of natural ingredients.

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