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  • HelgaHelga By  HelgaHelga    

    yummy fro yo bar

    If you are looking for a less fatty ice cream bar try these. They will satisfy!

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  • balldan By  balldan    


    favorite frozen treat. soo good for the taste buds and health!!

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  • Ilovemycats2 By  Ilovemycats2    

    Mmmm these Mint chocolate chip frozen greek yogurt bars are simply delicious!! I really enjoyed them!!

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  • wizardewu By  wizardewu    

    Rich and creamy

    Yasso makes such great tasting bars. The mint chocolate chip is especially good.

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  • browneyes78 By  browneyes78    

    These are delicious

    These are delicious! Creamy, but not heavy. The chocolate chips are so minty, in a good way of course. High in flavor, lower in calories. Definitely worth a try! We continue to buy them.

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  • Krystyna43 By  Krystyna43    

    This is yummy and healthy. I love this product so much!

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  • jamylea By  jamylea    


    As a fan of mint chocolate chip ice cream, I can tell you that this tastes just like it! So good!!! And better for you!

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  • snoopycoupon By  snoopycoupon    

    Ya-Sso Yummy!

    A yummy and healthier alternative to a traditional ice cream bar? Yes, please! This flavored frozen yogurt bar is delicious, creamy, and low in calories. Yasso makes awesome frozen yogurt products and this is one of the best flavors.

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