X-Men Origins Wolverine Movie

X-Men Origins Wolverine Movie

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Loved this movie. It is my favorite out of all the X Men movies

Having been a long time Marvel fan I was very excited about seeing my long time crush on the big screen. It may not follow the story line exact but it kept to the character. It has all the action packed plots of the comic and everything I was hoping for when I became a fan of the comics. You run through the life of young James Howlet and how he became the powerhouse mutant Wolverine.

it wa a good movie not the best solo xman movi but it did its job

Great movie if you love the X Men as much as we do. It wasn't as compelling as the other movies,but it was a needed installment. I can't wait for the new movie next month!!!

What I do not like about many action movies is that they do not have a meaningful storyline and even if they do it is not properly developed. This is not the case with X-Men-Origins. It has a great plot, good actor, and great special effects.

I am a huge movie buff and this is one of my favorites! Lots of action and a good story line. I was happy to finally see how Logan became Wolverine. All the X-Men movies are full of great characters and action. Even as a women, I love action movies the best. Will pick one over a chick flick any day (I do like chick flicks also).

It was enjoyable--my husband is bigger fan than I but it was good to "treat" him to on date night!

Im not a really big fan of this sorts of movies at first but this movie is awesome and the best out of all the X-Men movies by far. The end was great and fighting scenes were well made. Its movie worth buying and watching more than ones.

I really enjoyed the movie. Even though some of the cgi was really apparent. But besides that the whole story was well written and portrayed and at the end I was left wanting more...I can't wait for more...I went home and watched the other X-men Series. All the actors and actresses did an amazing job!

I am a huge X-Men fan! This was a very good watch. It gives the backgroun story of wolverine. I think most would enjoy it i even think my grandma would watch it and she is not a big movie watcher.lol

This movie was VERY entertaining! I loved that they showed how Wolverine became the way he is, and they showed his more human, caring side. My family and I weren't bored for one minute while watching this movie. I'd recommend it--but be warned that it is pretty violent & bloody. As an aside, Hugh Jackman looked incredible!

This is the back story of Wolverine. The story line was good and answered some questions. Since it was all about him I felt that the story wasn't as robust as other X-Men movies. There is plenty of action and eye candy though.