Wrigley's Extra Desset Delights Sugarfree Gum Mint Chocolate Chip

Wrigley's Extra Desset Delights Sugarfree Gum Mint Chocolate Chip

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if u like mink sweets then its gioood

These gum is perfect for those times you need a sweet snack but not all of the calories. The one thing that I hate about gum like this is the fact that you can taste the additives (aspartame) in it instantly and too me I would rather have gum that has sugar.

This one is kind of gross, there's just something weird about it, and after u chew it for awhile, it becomes mushy and gross. I like some of the regular Extra flavors though.

Mint chocolate chip ice cream is my favorite so this gum I really liked! YUM!

Tastes very good but the flavor doesn't last very long. It is very soft and will probably get it again.

I really like the apple pie flavor it's good for when I"m craving something sweet without all the fat and caloires. The product would be better if the flavor lasted longer.

Very good but flavor goes fast

I like to eat this gum when I'm hungry but am not able to get a meal at the time. It taste good!

My ten year old goddaughter turned me on to this gum. If you want something that is minty, but not overly harsh or "curious", this is a good gum for you. The chocolate cuts the mint taste a bit and is also a nice compliment to it. Only wish the flavor would last a bit longer, but overall, a good gum for me!

I don't really care for this gum. It's too sweet for me and I found myself wanting to swallow it right away. I wanted to try it though along with the other Dessert flavors and now I can say that I have.

Yes, it doesn't sound good. BUT IT TASTES DELICIOUS! Strawberry Shortcake and Orange Creamsicle both rock too.

I got a pack of this free from the Wrigley's Extra gum facebook page. It really is good. The flavor is sweet, the gum is soft, and the flavor lasts a decent amount of time. I would love to try the strawberry flavor next!