Wrigley's 5 Rain Gum

Wrigley's 5 Rain Gum

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I originally tried this gum when it first came out when I was in high school. Fellow classmates hadn't seen colored gum wrappers before (silver wrappers were the norm and companies were just started to get more creative). When I chewed gum, this was my go to brand. The flavor is long lasting.

I love gum and this is a good brand of gum. I really rarely don't not like any gum either. I'm chewing on some right now. What's not to like?? Low calories.. maybe that will make me do better on my diet? Hah! Not! I wish. -_-

I love the flavor and hire long it lasts. The price is really good as well.

I love the intense spearmint flavor of this gum. I've actually had a bank teller comment on the fresh minty smell from across the desk--this stuff is pretty intense. I haven't tried the Five Focus spearmint flavor yet, but if it's more intense than this, I can't imagine switching from Rain.

The flavor is long lasting..the flavor is great..worth the price !

This gum is tasty and flavor lasts a long time. Its my most favorite gum!!

Wrigley's 5 Gum is my favorite gum, I love the intense flavors.

To me, I just feel that its the same gum in a different package. One that reminds me of a cigarette box... I wasn't too crazy about it.

I recently tried Wrigley's 5 Rain Gum. One of my pet peeves about gum is that the flavor doesnt last. 5 Rain is one of the few I've foudn that lasts for as long as you chew it. It has a bold, strong, but not overpowering flavor that makes for a great taste experience. 5 Rain comes in an attractive black paperboard package w/ emerald green foil wrapped gum that's easy to carry in a purse & prevents the product from being spilled or crushed. I do think that the price for a single pack was a little pricey -about $1.50 for 10 pieces, but I find the multi packs to be a better value at around $2.00 for 3 packs. Since I like gum with a little kick, I cant wait to try the peppermint & cinnamon flavors. Congrats to Wrigley for yet another well made product!