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  • kvila1989 By  kvila1989    

    I don't know why people are giving bad reviews I have one cat and I used the basic cat litter before and they where priced $3-$7 per bag and they all stink!!! I use worlds best once and omg I could not smell nothing whenever I scooped it and it's made from natural corn. One bag last a month for one cat there a bit more expensive but there's coupons flying around like $3 off a bag that normally cost 8.99

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  • Puniss By  Puniss    

    I have Persian cats with very flat faces, we are aggregated by most cat litters due to the amount of dust they produce. I am also not a fan of clay clumping cat litters as they can cause health issues in cats. I received a coupon to try this litter, so I gave it a try, I really liked the fact that it is all natural and made of corn, however, it attracts bugs. I do not know if the bugs were in the bag, but I had never seen them prior to using it, I have not seen any since either. The litter itself clumped pretty well I was quite pleased with that. It controlled the odors OK, no artificial fragrances added to the product, it just smells like feed. Overall it wasn't a terrible product just a little pricey.

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  • MeowMars007 By  MeowMars007    

    Not for me. I liked that this was light and fluffy because it didn't hurt to step on like regular litter. I also dislike how light and fluffy it was because it got EVERYWHERE! It's messy to clean because it does not clump well, and i did not notice any odor covering. It doesn't bind the urine or prevent that strong urine ammonia smell. It may work for others but not me!

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  • butilovelemons By  butilovelemons    

    It works well and clumps great. My cat kept trying to eat it so I had to mix her usual clay litter in with it so she would stop. She was not a big fan of using this litter, unfortunately.

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  • Hywelda9 By  Hywelda9    

    With five cats in our house, we are always on the lookout for great litter box products. When I first read the ads for World's Best, I thought, "Yeah, right!" But we truly have found it to be the best - lightweight, clumps very well, and controls odor beautifully. And I am saying this with the two litter boxes right next to my desk! It may cost a tad more, but if you are a multi-cat household like we are, this is definitely worth a try!

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  • nae3102 By  nae3102    

    We have 2 cats and mix the single cat and multicat formulas. This mix works great! This is not the #1 product for odor control, but it does well for a non chemical litter. I loved Feline Pine but one cat was allergic and the other refused to use it!

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  • pamela1965 By  pamela1965    

    a co-worker recommended this, so I went out of my ususal commute to buy it at a pet store, its' not the world's worst cat litter, but it's certainly not the world's best. I tried a 2nd bag and was just outright un-impressed. It costs a little more, too, but co-worker's claim that it eliminated all urine/etc smells, just wasn't true for me. I went back to whatever Target has on sale. Not worth the extra cost and the limited availability.

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  • BG0327 By  BG0327    

    The only reason I tried this high-priced cat litter is because the company had a rebate offer. Buy a bag, send in the rebate form, upc from bag and cash register receipt. I sent all that in and they told me my rebate didn't qualify due to "incorrect information on UPC". Well I didn't print the UPC myself, it was on their bag, so if that was a problem it was their problem. They would not honor it. Besides that dissappointment, I used the litter in two cat boxes for my three cats. I scoop the boxes everyday. After about a week or two, the whole back room where the boxes are located started to smell like cat urine. I had to dump both boxes, scrub them out and pour fresh litter (Arm & Hammer) to get rid of the smell. This litter is horrible and their advertising is deceptive. It's also way overpriced for cat litter.

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  • Shannontish By  Shannontish    

    When my husband adopted Sophie for me, the breeder gave us a bag to try. I hated it! While I liked that it was flushable, I thought it stank up the bathroom and I clean the litter box everytime I walk through.

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