Working With A Matchmaker

   By YolandaShoshana  Jul 19, 2011

Since I announced that I was opening up my interracial matchmaking services to the masses, everyone has been blowing up my phone ready to be fixed up. While I would love to match everyone with the love of their life, matchmaking is a process.

Since matchmaking is not about waving a magic wand, here are some tips to keep in mind when working with a matchmaker.

1) Talk to a few matchmakers- Meet with a few matchmakers so that you know who will be the best one to work with. There are a lot of matchmakers out there, some good and some bad. Go with the one who makes you feel comfortable and does not shoot down your self esteem. If your friends who have gone to a matchmaker ask them how the experience was, if the matchmaker available, how were the matches, etc.

2) Do not expect to be married in month- Signing up with a matchmaker does not mean to have a wedding dress designer on speed dial. Allow the matchmaker time to conjure up people to set you up with. The reason you are working with a matchmaker is to sort out the wrong people and bring you the right ones. I know I am always out shopping for people for my clients. A good matchmaker matches carefully and selectively. You can’t hurry love!

3) Expect to be interviewed- A matchmaker will interview you to get to know you better and to find out more whom you are looking for. This is when you will find out how your matchmaker will arrange dates, how to follow up, and other important details that are needed for you to work together.

4) Be Open- Your matchmaker may want to send you out with someone that may not be your normal type, take a chance, and go on the date, because it could be the one. There are plenty of people who end up with someone that they never imagined they would be with. Love has a way of striking when we least expect it. Keep your head up and your heart open to the possibilities.

5) Do Your Own Research- Even though your matchmaker will probably be doing a background check, feel free to do your own research on the people that you are set up. Google them, look for them on Facebook, basically now there are a lot of ways to check out someone. Why not do a little research so that you know more about the person you will be having dinner with. Know that they will probably do a little research on you.



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YolandaShoshana by YolandaShoshana | NEW YORK, NY
Jul 19, 2011

Thanks! And love that you are happily married. Woot! : P

Bluebear by Bluebear | Maplewood, NJ
Jul 19, 2011

Great advise for anyone looking to find a match, I'm happily married but I have friends who have found their significant other through matchmaking services.