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  • mk1005 By  mk1005    

    I love the t-shirt page on Woot. Everyday there's a new design for sale at an inexpensive price. I have found so many cute, funny, awesome tees to wear.

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  • NoelSarah By  NoelSarah    

    Woot.com is a favorite of mine - "One Day, One Deal" is such a simple concept, but it works. I've gotten all kinds of random things from here - cameras, mp3 players, hard drives, coffee mugs, and more - and all have been great. Woot-offs are addictive and can be very distracting. New items continue to pop up until they sell out. Yes, it's total impulse buying and isn't for everyone, but I love it.

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  • Pinky2021 By  Pinky2021    

    I love the one stop shop of Woot.com. I can log in only one itme a day to see what the deal is. So far I have purchased a new laptop, a referbished 47" LCD TV, t-shirts, remote control helecopters, MP3 Players and more...I compare the prices before buying and only buy if I can be sure it is a great deal (which it usually is). The only draw back is if you don't buy it, they may sell out and you may never see it again. And it is easy to get sucked into "woot off" days where they clearance a bunch of items one at a time until they sell out and move to the next items. They also offer Wine woot (also good), and a kids woot. Great place to pick up a few low cost Christmas gifts for the kids and other people in your life. Stuff ships fast, shipping is always $5 (except shirt.woot is free) whether it weighs 1 lbs or 50 lbs. There are some drawbacks: you will never speak to a live person, you have to act fast if you want it, and you never know what will be there, so it is totally impulse buying. But I have been happy with the choices I have made there.

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