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  • homesteadmomma By  homesteadmomma    

    Works but pricey....

    Oolite works well for the hand wash garments that need the softer/gentler soap. However I do not like the price of the oolite in my area. It is like buying 2 Tides. I wish it could be cheaper but work the same. I recommend it if you absolutely need it for your garment. It is really good for washing show prize sheep as well.

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  • Bequiachae By  Bequiachae    

    Woo lite absolutely works for me. No more faded clothing. My darks are as bright as when I bought them especially my jeans.

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  • moot0009 By  moot0009    

    For my sensitive items and "unmentionables," I would never use anything else. It's the best of the best. While it can be a bit pricey, it's worth every penny to keep my lingerie, bras, and "pretty" panties looking great for their lifetime! And since I have super sensitive skin with allergies, this is absolutely the best (even over Dreft) for items that are on my sensitive areas! It's always in my laundry room, and my OB-GYN actually recommends it for all panties to help reduce yeast infections!

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  • karlalovesismael By  karlalovesismael    

    Amazing. A little pricey, but works well. I especially like how gentle it is.

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  • vanessa6297 By  vanessa6297    

    I have used regular Woolite and Woolite dark and I think they have worked well on my delicate clothes. I have no complaints it kept them from fading and worked well.

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  • dawnmarieb By  dawnmarieb    

    Anything that isn't sheets or towels get washed in Woolite for Dark Colors. I live in dark jeans and bright colored tops and this truly keeps my clothes looking newer longer. Can't recommend enough.

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  • karenbebe By  karenbebe    

    I tried the Woolitee for dark colors to wash my Jeans, they came out less faded and have a nice lite scent on it.

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  • cregino By  cregino    

    Woolitee produces excellent results. Can easily be used for either washing by hand or in the washer. In past, mainly used only for delicates. But now, with Woolitee for dark color I won't be just using it for my delicates. The Woolitee for dark colors noted less fading. It kept my jeans looking crisp and vivid.

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