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  • Alowther By  Alowther    

    I have tried multiple brands of hard ciders and Woodchuck is by far my favorite. True apple flavor.

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  • NinjaMomAllie By  NinjaMomAllie    

    Woodchuck Hard Cider is an old favorite of mine. Cider is one of the fastest growing segments in the adult beverage market, and Woodchuck is one of the oldest brands. The flavor is clean, crisp and not overly sweet. It is not the best hard cider you can buy, but it is the most widely distributed and quite easy to find. I recommend this to anyone interested in a beer alternative, especially those who have been dissatisfied with the vastly inferior Reds Apple Ale.

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  • JilldeTrabajos By  JilldeTrabajos    

    I am not usually one for hard apple ciders (Redd's makes me gag), but I can actually drink this. It's not overly sweet or syrupy like many of the ones I've tasted. When I run out of beer at a party I am willing to drink this, and that is saying something for me. I also know a few people who don't like beer but will drink this, so I think it really serves its purpose well.

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  • SavannahBeth By  SavannahBeth    

    I've had the Amber and Granny Smith varieties of Woodchuck Cider. Neither would be my first choice when reaching for a cider (though I went through a Granny Smith Woodchuck phase back in the barely-legal-to-drink days, now I find it a little too sweet and, too my now more educated/picky tastes, syrup yto be my fave cider) but given my options it might be my second choice for a strongly flavored cider. It's a nice gluten free option that's available in most of the suspected venues (so you'll seldom hear "We don't have that" or "Never heard of it" if it's your usual) and reasonably priced for a cider. Not too shabby! :)

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  • jaydiebella By  jaydiebella    

    I really like the taste of this beverage. I didn't think that I would but it has a nice crisp taste.

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  • lmcnulty By  lmcnulty    

    I am not a fan of beer, but I love, love, love this!!!!

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  • ErinTess By  ErinTess    

    I've never been a huge beer fan, and most 'fruity' bottled alcoholic beverages aren't that great, with synthetic tasting flavors. Woodchuck cider, on the other hand, it a fantastic option. It has great apple (or pear) flavor, and almost every variety I have tried keeps me coming back. Other brands of hard cider either seem too sweet or too watery, while Woodchuck continues to impress. They have some great seasonal flavors as well. The only one I was not a fan of is the Pumpkin Cider. Every other flavor I have tried has been magnificent.

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