Women and Social Media: "Delightfully in Touch" and "Over-stimulated"

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Sep 25, 2013

Recently, we asked SheSpeaks members to tell us their thoughts on social media. How are we using social media? What does it do for us? How does it make us feel?

These are all questions that we posed in our survey.

Although the full results of the survey are still being analyzed, we couldn't wait to share with you a couple of stats that we found interesting!

  1. As women, we are a bit ambivalent about how social media makes us feel. We are most likely to feel BOTH “Over-stimulated” AND “Delightfully In-Touch” from our participation in social media. 51% of women surveyed indicated that social media makes them feel both of these emotions vs. 39% who said “Delightfully in Touch” alone.
  2. While Facebook is the social network with the highest rate of membership amongst women, it is not the social network that makes us feel the most “excited”. That honor goes to Pinterest with 51% of women who use this network saying that it “Excites” them!

We will be sharing the full results from the 2013 Social Media Study over the coming weeks. We thank you for your participation and can’t wait to hear what you think of the results!

Which social network is your favorite?  Tell us below!

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Easy2Save by Easy2Save | LEBANON, OR
Oct 31, 2013

I can get so lost in Pinterest it is my favorite.

sdallen by sdallen | Whitehall, OH
Sep 26, 2013

I have both Facebook and Twitter, but utilize Facebook far more; it has become a great way to connect and keep up with old friends, make new ones and post announcements, but most things that people post (pictures of food, getting pedicures, sitting in doctors office) is senseless.

jul516 by jul516 | PALATKA, FL
Sep 26, 2013

I keep up with Twitter because it offers an abbreviated version of only the posts from my choice of entities. Facebook has become to full of drama and nonsense for me.

Chicagodivaonadime by Chicagodivaonadime | Chicago, IL
Sep 26, 2013

Twitter happens to be my favorite. Probably because I can interact with a varied variety of people and sources. Also I don't have family on so I can be more free with my speech. More myself. And my babbling isn't seen as too much lol.

KathyW24 by KathyW24 | BLOOMINGTON, IL
Sep 25, 2013

I don't know what pin interest is. I keep seeing these new outlets for expressing yourself and wonder who has the time for all this and how do they keep up with what evolves from day to day.

nodeerhere by nodeerhere | BOYNTON BEACH, FL
Sep 25, 2013

Facebook is my favorite because I can keep in touch with my family and friends and I especially like being able to see photos of everyone. It makes me feel like I am there with them.

mlarana by mlarana | AURORA, IL
Sep 25, 2013

Definitely Facebook. I tried twitter, instagram, pinterest and tumblr. Facebook is definitely superior to all of these social sites. Twitter is boring unless you're into celebrity brain farts. Instagram can do the same thing as Facebook... posting pics is not anything new. Pinterest? I don't know... I kind of got over putting posters on my walls when I was a kid and I have no desire to pretend to be Martha Stewart.

angiesangle by angiesangle | VANCOUVER, WA
Sep 25, 2013

Facebook - I love connecting with family and friends and feel like I can bet part of their life even if I don't see them daily.

SavdByGrace by SavdByGrace | SUMMIT, IL
Sep 25, 2013

Facebook is where I drew the line. I have a Twitter account but ignore it, never have used Pinterest or any of the newer sites. I have enough contact and input coming at me from Facebook, thank you very much. And I stay adequately connected to family and friends on there.