Women With 'Sexy' Facebook Pics Thought of as Incompetent

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Jul 15, 2014

If you have what some might deem a sexy photo or two on your Facebook page there may be a reason to hit delete as soon as you can. New research suggests that people who post revealing photos of themselves on social media sites are more likely to be thought of as incompetent by their peers.

Oregon State University reports about the study recently published in Psychology of Popular Media Culture that women who post racy photos are deemed less physically and socially attractive to those around them. This can be a detriment to those looking for a new job or even looking to meet new friends via social media sites.

Researchers conducted the study by creating two profiles for a fictitious 20-year-old woman named “Amanda Johnson”. Johnson’s likes were similar in both pictures, she lists Lady Gaga as her favorite musician and “The Notebook” as a favorite movie. The only thing that differs between the two profiles is that one has more revealing pics included like a low cut prom dress with a slit on one side revealing a garter belt. In the more modest profile Johnson can be seen wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

Participants involved in the study consistently gave higher marks to the “non-sexy” profile saying Johnson was prettier, more likely to make good friends, and complete a task. The sexier version of “Amanda Johnson” got the lowest marks in the area of task competence which suggests posting revealing pics can affect the way possible employers judge our ability to work.

Researcher Elizabeth Daniels explains why young women should be aware of the consequences of what they post. She says of the study, “This is a clear indictment of sexy social media photos. There is so much pressure on teen girls and young women to portray themselves as sexy, but sharing those sexy photos online may have more negative consequences than positive.”

What do you think of the recent study that suggests posting sexy pics on Facebook can lead to others judging you as incompetent?

Do you think about whether or not a photo is too revealing before posting it on social media sites?

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ChloeLavender by ChloeLavender | Madison, AL
Jul 16, 2014

I do think you should check your picture before you post it.I ask my self "Am I showing to much of my body?" And more importantly "Will my parents see this and who else will see it?"