Women Who Embrace the Craft Beer Craze

   By drodriguez  Dec 01, 2013

Though it’s not your stereotypical “girl drink”, many women have gotten into the beer craft craze, enjoying many of the hoppy flavors different brews have to offer. Now more than ever women have also begun brewing their own beer and making their way in the craft beer industry.

The New York Daily News reports about the rise in female brewers and how women don’t always want a glass of chardonnay at the end of a night. The craft beer movement has taken off over the last several years and women make up 37% of those enjoying the various options on the market.

Long Island’s only female brewer, Lauri Spitz, has seen first-hand how women who don’t think they like beer can have a change of heart when they have a taste and learn a little about the brewing process. Spitz, who started a Girl’s Pint Out club a few years ago explains, “But once you talk to them for a couple of minutes, and give them a little education, you see that light bulb go off. Women who don’t usually like dark beer learn to love a nice stout.”

Spitz believes women may have been turned off by beer from the years of being inundated with tasteless commercials featuring women in bikinis serving cans of beer to men. Spitz describes the marketing saying, “Every Bud commercial is about a dude and his friends. If there is a girl, she’s either serving them beers or she’s half naked. If I wasn’t into beer, that’s not going to make me want to get into beer.”

What do you think of the rise in women beer brewers?

Have you gotten into the craft beer craze?


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Girlytomboy by Girlytomboy | Katy, TX
Jan 06, 2014

If you would have asked me 3 years ago if I drank beer I would've replied quite honestly "only if it's all we had left" or " Yes, if I was already drunk." After working in a certain movie theater that offers 18 different taps and countless bottles of micro-brewed/craft beers I have most certainly had a change of palate. I'm very fortunate to live in a major city that has 4 home town breweries within driving distance and one happens to be right down the street. I've gotten to really enjoy trying the different tastes and smells and feelings of these wonderful new delights. I can tell you that I have become a pumpkin-anything fanatic. I love Pumpkinator by St. Arnolds Brewery, one of our hometown sources of pride.

ShellM4 by ShellM4 | RED HOOK, NY
Dec 04, 2013

I think it is great there are Woman brewers. We are big into craft beer and have been for years, nothing beats the variety and taste of a craft beer. We eve make our own sometimes. We have a great brewery not too far from home where we pick up great local beer in growlers. And believe me if we are on vacation and their is a brewery around we are going. We did a trip to Vermont not to long ago where we did half of the beer trail. Craft beer might be a bit more money but there is nothing like the taste of a great craft beer! Right now I am happy I have Founder's Breakfast Stout in my house, just delicious.

HeddaHeddaHedda by HeddaHeddaHedda | ILION, NY
Dec 03, 2013

My boyfriend and I have recently entered the world of craft beers and it seems that I just may be more of a fan than he is! I get every other weekend off from work and we like to take little road trips to a new craft brewery as often as we can. If I find a winner, it comes home in a growler or two!

spartan117sj by spartan117sj | ALGER, MI
Dec 01, 2013

I don't get the whole craze over craft beers. Sure, they are nice for their variety, but other than a drink every now and again, I don't see why they are so popular. I would try them if I wanted a change from the usual, but that's about it.