Women Want More Tech Toys

   By drodriguez  Jan 12, 2010

The world of technology has come a long way in just the past few years to recognize women as one of their leading consumers.  We are now seeing all sorts of gadgets, from cell phones to MP3 players, that are geared toward women and their busy lifestyles.  With women making most purchasing decisions in households it is no wonder that tech companies are finally catering to us. 

ABC News reports about a recent survey put out by the market research firm, NPD Group, which estimates that women account for 40 percent of consumer electronic spending.  It's not surprising that this information may come as a shock to people in the tech industry when for many years we have been faced with the stereotype that men prefer to receive electronic gadgets or "toys" for gifts and women want things like jewelry and clothing. 

Men and women may want some of the same products, but researchers are saying that they want them for different reasons.  Executive editor at the tech site CNET, Lindsey Turremtine, reports to ABC News about what women want when they shop for the latest gadgets.  Turrentine says, "Though I hate to generalize, women will often think about the way that a product fits in to their larger life, so is that something my kids would like, is that something that will help me with my friendships or with my family and how would that fit into the larger picture." 

Turrentine goes on to compare the way men look at products differently, "I like that, I want that, I'm going to play with that."  She also observes that men tend to enjoy products that have to be assembled or take a while to figure out whereas women want a no-hassle product that will work correctly right out of the box.  

What do you think about the way men and women appreciate and shop for tech products?  Do you think there's a difference?

What kinds of things do you look for when you purchase the latest gadgets?

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lizomatic by lizomatic | orlando, FL
Feb 03, 2010

ok well i personally look for things that make my everyday lfe simple... and of course it has to have a large enough font and screen so i can see it well... i also like light thin things since i ussually just put it in my pocket and go.

suzijakuzi by suzijakuzi | laguna niguel, CA
Feb 01, 2010

I'm the type of girl that has to have the "HOTEST" new gadget!!! And if I find out it comes in pink ....my poor boyfriend doesn't stand a chance ,I HAVE TO HAVE IT!!!!l

arialk by arialk | LOS OSOS, CA
Jan 30, 2010

I have grown up as a female techie, even my high school friends comment on that now that I am older. Technology is an equalizer for a lot of people and with this knowledge women can start to have more of an equal say in a lot of issues and items. Besides, women spend a lot of disposable income, why not make technology more sexy for women?

ddfdffsdfsfte5twdf by ddfdffsdfsfte5twdf | San Jose, CA
Jan 30, 2010

i am honestly hooked to techies.i just recently bought a kodak zx1 and will buy a sony cybershot by next month hopefully.i have an ipod touch too since i am into internet surfing.it has to be functional and longlasting though.

rainbow_cow by rainbow_cow | maywood, CA
Jan 28, 2010

i will not buy a product just because it seems awesome like any man would. i will usually go for the things that do work and that will help my everyday.

rita101 by rita101 | Hazleton, PA
Jan 27, 2010

I have a fair amount of tech savvy and when I hear about a new tech product, I think about what I would want a product like that to do for me. What features do I want in it. Before I buy anything, it has to do what I want. For example, when I first heard of netbooks, I thought that was for me,a computer that was lightweight and could fit in my handbag. Then discovered that they were very limited, very little memory and usually low battery life. That was not what would be useful for me.

cybrown551 by cybrown551 | HOOKSETT, NH
Jan 13, 2010

There is definitely a difference in the way I and my husband pick out electronics gadgets. He does tend to trend more toward the high tech items that needs a lot of assembly and I am not a tech savvy person. I like a more plug and play. I look for more of a stylish TV while he is looking more on the tech end such as a picture and picture, RCA inputs, and the number of pixels in the picture screen.

basilandcatnip by basilandcatnip | GARLAND, TX
Jan 13, 2010

It has to work properly, be made well (solid construction), good customer service, good security, well thought out product. And also not consume more time or give up privacy then doing the same activity manually or the old fashion way. And we can't forget how much required maintenance the product requires.

countrycouponclipper by countrycouponclipper | Supply, NC
Jan 12, 2010

I look for gadgets that will make my life easier and I check the internet for the best price and others feedback to see it is what I eally need then I give it 10 days and think about it I never buy something just because its cool or "in" I make sure I will really use it first.

msfriendly by msfriendly | MONROE, WI
Jan 12, 2010

I won't just purchase a gadget just because...(like a man). I want it to directly improve my life. It also has to be a good value.

summitqwestcomp by summitqwestcomp | Cincinnati, OH
Jan 12, 2010

I look for things that will help me with something else in my life. I am careful on how I spend my money on electronics because they are always changing and coming out with new things.

csternberg by csternberg | Wayne, NJ
Jan 12, 2010

Easily transportable is key for me as well as price. Sleek looks and easy to operate are other things I look for in new gadgets. Bottom line: Is the item a good value, is it going to make a difference in my life, make it easier and more fun? Yes? Then I'll go for it.

pjclayton57 by pjclayton57 | Oceanport, NJ
Jan 12, 2010

I personally look for things that are pleasing to the eye, multi-functioning, and easily transportable. The less things that I have to have, the better; so the ones that I have need to look good and work well! It seems to me that men just want things that are powerful, work fast and it doesn't really matter what it looks like!