Women Everywhere Are Seeing Red

   By drodriguez  Aug 04, 2010

Next time you find yourself checking out the mysteriously handsome man across the room, you may want to take note of what he is wearing.  A new study finds that women are more attracted to men when they are wearing the color red.  It turns out, women view men who are wearing red to be of a higher status than those in other hues and this translates into a more desirable companion.  

The study, that is reported about in Discovery News, found red to be something of a power color that women are drawn to.  Lead author of the study and professor of psychology at the University of Rochester, Andrew Elliot, discusses why men wearing red are so attractive to women.  Elliot says, “We found that women view men in red as higher in status, more likely to make money and more likely to climb the social ladder.  And it’s this high-status judgement that leads to the attraction.”

Women involved in the study were asked to rate men wearing different colored shirts and the men in red always triggered women to describe them as more powerful and desirable.  Researchers who worked on the study found that red is a powerful color that seems to transcend all cultures.  They point out that in ancient Rome people used a phrase to describe high-status citizens as “the ones in red.”  And in our own culture we “roll out the red carpet” when we celebrate powerful people.  

It is believed that our proclivity to the color red is biological and has probably been with us from the beginning.  Scientists have studied the way colors effect non-human primates, like different types of baboons, and found red symbolized male dominance.  

What do you think of the recent study that found women prefer men who wear red?

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xraymom by xraymom | Beaver Dam, WI
Oct 14, 2010

Lately I am attracted to men wearing Pink...Breast Ca Awareness. Takes a strong man to wear pink to support Cancer Awareness.

sarRAWRh by sarRAWRh | westwood, MA
Aug 30, 2010

I don't think a color can determine your social status. I mean, if it looks expensive, then sure, the man could be wealthy but that is based on the type or brand of clothing, not the color. Plus, I'm the type of person who is attracted to someone after looking at them or finding out their personality, not the color they wear.

stargazer534 by stargazer534 | louisville, TN
Aug 28, 2010

It is not what color you always wear, as everyone is different and skin tones, size,etc, I do think some people loook good in specific colors and red is a color of boldness,to me, I tend to think it is good to be who you are, and what you are comfortale in, that means "in your own skin", as in comforfortable with your own self and feelings, and that is a good thing to me,

EMELLE by EMELLE | Oklahoma City, OK
Aug 18, 2010

I don't know about the study, but I was inspired by a JCP ad pic to go out and get a new red purse for the fall season.

texasgirl87 by texasgirl87 | Bryan, TX
Aug 16, 2010

I think this is dumb. I dont think any certain way about men in red or any other color. How successful someone might be does not reflect on the color they wear, its how hard they worked to get there.

shonnalahnac by shonnalahnac | newport news, VA
Aug 09, 2010

wow...so my Nebraska Husker fan hubby has the right idea when he proclaims...GO BIG RED!....Maybe I should cut down on the number of fan gear items I buy him....good thing he's trust worthy otherwise I might find myself in competition with the ladies!

sharman421 by sharman421 | TALLAHASSEE, FL
Aug 05, 2010

I will bet that at the end of the study it said something like this: "...more studies are recommended..." Yes, red is wonderful, but then, so is blue. I tend to think women in red might be more thought provoking than men in red. I believe women tend to look at a man's face first and then the whole picture, not vice versa. Isn't purple supposed to symbolize royalty? I get no vibes with purple!