Women And Children Of Haiti Face Even Greater Challenges

   By drodriguez  Jan 29, 2010

News of Haiti’s suffering and devastation from the recent earthquake has been on everyones mind over the last couple of weeks.  The stories we hear about in the news give us only a small heartbreaking glimpse into what it must be like over there right now.  One aspect of the aftermath that is just now being reported about is how Haiti’s women and children are facing more disadvantages while the country starts down the long road to recovery.

A recent article from the Washington Post discusses some of the many ways in which women and children are at a disadvantage in Haiti right now.  For one thing, there are many pregnant women not getting proper health care.  It is being reported that there are roughly 37,000 pregnant women who have been affected by Haiti’s earthquake.  Many of these women are going without food or water for long periods of time, let alone prenatal care.  It is being estimated that 10,000 pregnant women will be giving birth within the next 4 weeks. 

Another problem that is affecting women and children in Haiti is the issue of safety.  Past reports have shown that Haiti struggled with the issues of violence against women before the earthquake.  A 2006 study conducted by the Inter-American Development Bank revealed that 1 out of 3 Haitian women were reporting they had suffered physical or sexual violence.  More than half of the women who reported the abuse were under the age of 18. 

World Health Organization expert, Marijke Velzeboer-Salcedo explains to the Washington Post, "We have to keep in mind that disasters make existing inequalities even worse.  Those who are stronger and more powerful, whether physically prpsychosocially - or both - are going to have better access to scarce resources.  But when women are deprived of resources, entire families are likely to be deprived, too." 

The article goes on to report how when standing in line to receive food and water, it is the men that fight and claw their way to the front while women wait in separate longer lines that are at a constant stand-still.  Reports of friends being raped near the city’s camps have been circulating among Haitian women.  Many of the women feel it is unsafe to sleep in the city streets after dark and return to the seclusion of the hills after looking for food and water in daylight hours. 

What do you think of the reports that women and children are at a bigger disadvantage in Haiti right now?

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marieJoachin by marieJoachin | Reading, PA
Jul 16, 2010

Okay so I am within haitian descent and I am from Haiti. I want to make it straight for you guys. I don't know why you do this, but why do you get the uglyiest, dirtiest, and darkest pictures of haitian people?! That's not how all haitian people look. There are french people, and spanish people roaming around hHaiti and you can't seem to capture that? Also the background are always hideous! Did you know we have Museums, malls, theatres, and grocery stores!? You make Haitian people look quite hideous and they are not at all. Theres different skin tones, and different people.

imjustagirl123 by imjustagirl123 | Ringwood, NJ
Feb 21, 2010

this is a though time these people are going threw but with our help they WILL make it!

jeanettest by jeanettest | Norwood, OH
Feb 14, 2010

There are so many suffering here in our own country yet we send million and millions of dollars to other countries. It is a shame we will take care of foreign people before our own fellow Americans.

Kerriann by Kerriann | detriot, MI
Feb 06, 2010

Its very heartbreaking to see people young and old going through this it breaks my heart i wish i could help some more but whoever can help please donate as much or as little as u can i hope they stay safe ppplllllease help!!! thanks to all who already do so.

mardel by mardel | SCHAUMBURG, IL
Feb 04, 2010

It's a tragedy what's happening to those people in Haiti! Yes, I feel like women do have more to worry about and more to fear. The struggle they go to find food for their starving children. The danger as women they must endure everyday! Come on politician's the people who took an oath to protect and serve! Those people need security especially our women!! Please help

sasali by sasali | pompano, FL
Feb 02, 2010

i am from haiti .so i know how hard it is down there . it s hard for me to talk about the situation in haiti . y all see it on tv but i am from there i know its very difficult .please help them .they are good people

idahospud by idahospud | haines, AK
Jan 31, 2010

The whole thing sickens me.Their lives are turned upsidedown & backwards,I cannot imagine the devistation. the real tragedy,is that some of the people are adding to their pain,by raping & fighting.How can we get them to pull together,like we did in 911.

marriedgirl27 by marriedgirl27 | FULTON, NY
Jan 31, 2010

I deffinatly agree with this. I wish their was more that I can do besides donate any ideas? Mabey christan ministrys?

alezendrialuv by alezendrialuv | Freeland, PA
Jan 30, 2010

i doo indeed agree. i think we should find a way to help those people

MadHatter by MadHatter | Whitestone , NY
Jan 29, 2010

what about the issue with the escaped inmates from the prisons? everyone is in danger. I recall reading up on the news about children trafficing, especially those who now have no family and dont have anyone to tell them its wrong. i wish that they will recover as much as they can, though it will take a long time. i wish them the best! donating is the best give anyone can give those in need right now...no matter how much or how little, it doesn't matter because it adds up!

DBrooks_1904 by DBrooks_1904 | Hammond, IN
Jan 29, 2010

my goodness, the more i see this, the more i want to just cry... its so heartbreaking.. i have already donated but just dont feel like its enough...