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I never really read this magazine till about five months ago. I just love the recipes, the tips, the fashion, etc that is in this magazine. I love the price too, it's only $1.99 and you get so much out of it. The magazine literally puts a smile on my face while I read it.

I have been purchasing and reading this magazine for years and I absolutely love everything about it the price, information , and the articles.will continue to be a loyal reader.

My favorite magazine. 😊 love the articles. Always a diet inside 😉👍🏻. I think Dr Oz has been on the cover the most. 😋

I love flipping through this magazine for recipes, health advice, and tips and tricks. The products, stories, and tips are useful for the average woman. Helps you save money, stay healthy, and find great new products.

I love this magazine so much! I normally don't read magazines as I lose focus and interest but this one is perfect for that. I love the sweet stories, cute jokes, recipes, mystery story, beauty tips, everything!

I enjoy reading this magazine and they always have great weight loss tips and recipes.

Great magazine buy it every time I am in the supermarket. Great price with lots of information.

Great magazine,great price,great stories and recipes,new products...work at home articles,health articles...this magazine has it all!

Good magazine for a great price.

Great little magazine for a great price. Articles, recipes and information all in one little package. and it's available most places.

I love reading this magazine. It is a great value and i love all the holiday stuff coming in the magazine.

Love this magazine. It has great recipes, tips on dieting, and family. I really enjoy the short one page stories. I pass this along to my friends also.

I friend recommended this magazine and I hesitated in buying it because I felt it was a little pricey bot I purchased one about five years ago and I love this magazine. I have found many tips which has saved me money. I have tried several of their health tips and I love checking out the web sites they recommend. There are fashion tips, cooking and cute stories in this magazine. It is a well rounded magazine and best of all, it comes in the mail weekly.

this is another of my favorite magazines i love the health articles and the imspiring stories

This is one of the great magazines that I reach for every week. Everything that you need in a magazine for hair, makeup, style, health, food, recipes and feel good articles. Good stuff all around.