Woman Temporarily Paralyzed From Wearing Skinny Jeans

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Jun 23, 2015

Most of us probably own at least one pair of the hip-hugging, form-flattering skinny jean and a couple of years ago we reported about new warnings coming out saying that the skin-tight denim can cause nerve damage. You may have laughed it off but one Australian woman probably wasn’t laughing when she was admitted to the hospital with temporary paralysis after spending the day squatting in a pair of skinny jeans.

E! Online reports about a recent case study released by a team of doctors in Australia warning about some of the serious muscle and nerve damage wearers of the skin-tight fashion may experience. The anonymous woman involved in the study reported that she had been emptying cupboards all day, helping a relative move.

The 35 year old woman noted that her jeans felt too tight and uncomfortable throughout the day. Most of the day was spent squatting down and subsequently she started to feel as though she could not feel her feet. After trying to walk but falling the woman could not get up and was found hours later and taken to the local hospital.

After 4 whole days of being treated for muscle and nerve damage (which included rounds of IV fluids) the woman was able to walk normally again. Doctors say that the position she was in for much of the day is what caused her to have both “peroneal nerve damage” (near the knee joint) and tibial nerve damage. Because her pants were so snug, her already swelling muscles began swelling inward causing more damage. Moral of the story: find a loser fit or avoid doing squats in your skinny jeans.

What do you think of the dangers of skinny jeans?

Do you feel skinny jeans provide a comfortable enough fit?

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karlalovesismael by karlalovesismael | MORRIS PLAINS, NJ
Jul 28, 2015

Pretty sure she was suckling it in and they were too tight. Plus they mention she was squatting all day. If I had to guess she may have a condition that increased her risk. Be careful people, but also dont read into every news story!

Debbiehickman by Debbiehickman | GUYTON, GA
Jul 06, 2015

I wear skinny jeans quite often and this is really scary. I feel like it is very important to wear jeans that are the right size for you. With skinny jeans you definitely don't want them skin tight because they can cause dangerous conditions such as the one mentioned in the article. When I try on my jeans in the store it's probably best that I'm in a dressing room because it probably looks as if I'm doing gymnastics! I bend, squat,sit.... You name it, just to make sure that my jeans fit comfortably and aren't too tight while I'm trying to move in them.

magdalena by magdalena | RIO GRANDE CY, TX
Jun 30, 2015

omg i wear skinny jeans all the time,