Wisconsin Company Begins Microchipping Employees, Is This the Way of the Future?

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Jul 31, 2017

In a move that sounds more like science fiction than an employee perk, a Wisconsin company that makes vending machines is now offering all of its employees a chance to have a microchip implanted in their hand to make the workday run more smoothly. Three Square Market is looking for company volunteers to have the chip implanted which will allow them to access office equipment, unlock doors and pay for vending snacks with just a swipe of their hand.

CBS News reports about the company’s introduction of microchips the size of a grain of rice that will be implanted by a piercing specialist. So far, of the company’s 80 employees 50 have stepped up to have the chip implanted in their hands as early as next week. It is said that they will get the most use out of their chips in the break room while paying for snacks. Owner of Three Square Market, Todd Westby says he, his wife and two kids will be getting microchipped. He explains, “Basically it's a serial number that is assigned to your credit card.” Westby adds, “It's for entrance to the building, logging into computers, making purchases in our break room market, things of that nature.”

Though Three Square Market will be the first company in the U.S. to microchip employees, European companies have already begun using this technology. The chipping procedure would normally cost around $300, but Three Square Market is covering this cost for interested employees. The tiny chip is said to be as easy to remove as a splinter.

But not everyone is on board with this type of invasive technology. CNET senior editor Dan Ackerman brings up the issue of employee privacy saying, “Do you want someone to know every time you enter or leave a room? There's a degree of autonomy that's lost with this, you know, person to person, one to one tracking. You can never leave it behind. You can't really turn it off.”

What do you think of the idea of microchipping employees?

Do you think these types of microchips are the way of the future or something we should avoid?

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kayo4u by kayo4u | Norcross, GA
Sep 28, 2017

I don't know about anyone else but this is a form of control, and employee's are being treated like mere animals that you microchip to keep them from getting lost. But we are humans with a brain and I think that is unnecessary, so no I myself will not allow this and should be avoided.

Prettyinbabyfood by Prettyinbabyfood | Halethorpe, MD
Aug 11, 2017

I think I read about this in a book somewhere...I think it was called the Bible. Haha personally not for me and I would never allow myself to be chipped.

powert57 by powert57 | CLINTON, TN
Aug 05, 2017

This is a major infraction on privacy. Wonder if the CEO will allow his employees to track him too?

lisabrown by lisabrown | Camino, CA
Jul 31, 2017

That is insane.