Winnie the Pooh Day

   By sayitrahshay  Jan 18, 2012

He's a tubby little cub all stuffed with fluff! He's a honey stealing, friendly bear not very smart but full of heart. He's Winnie the Pooh and today is his day! Since I work with children I thought that I could make Winnie the Pooh Day more than a passing fancy. Here are some of the ideas I liked to make this a the ultimate honey pot of a party!

Of course we need to have a Teddy Bear picnic! Yes, yes I am mixing up characters but think about it...Pooh lives deep in the hundred acres woods, he’s a teddy bear, and he loves surprises! Gather a blanket, some friends, real and stuffed friends, and a picnic basket full of treats for a gathering.

$PullQuote$Fill your basket with delicious honey recipes! Pooh is all about honey and loves his friends. He may be reluctant to share his pot of honey but he is always up for a party. The honey website has scores of recipes to share. My favorite is the Apple Snacksters. Apples, peanut butter and honey make for a sweet delicious treat.

Books to share! For this day will not be complete unless we have a reading of our favorite passages from A.A. Milne’s works. These books are simple, sweet reads that are just right for a cuddle. Act out your favorite scenes.

Imagination matters. Winnie the Pooh was based on Edward Bear, Milne’s son’s real life teddy. In Christopher Robin’s world Pooh is a living breathing being. Take some time to stretch your creative juices and reimage a simple life full of friends.

Pin the tail on Eeyore. Yes. This one feels like a cheat but instead of a boring ol’ tail let’s add some pizzazz and flare! Eeyore’s tail can be anything from a simple paper to a more elaborate bedecked and bedazzled tail.

Just dance. Tigger bounces from here to there and back again. Get up and get moving! Add some favorite tunes and see who can do the best Tigger impersonation.

If the day is warm enough, garden. Or if its too cold, start an indoor garden. Rabbit is always tilling away in his garden, chasing off Pooh and Tigger! If you are not the gardening type, think about having fresh fruits and veggies instead.

Hope you enjoy your Winnie the Pooh Day. Share any ideas and tips that I missed.

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