Winners of the "Tips to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint" Contest

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Apr 17, 2012

Congratulations to the winners of last week's "Tips to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint" Contest! We loved hearing all of your great tips and tricks to cut down on your energy consumption and waste! Thank you for all of your great posts!


Here are some of the great comments we received:


"In addition to washing clothes in cold water we try to limit our gasoline usage. We plan trips and try to do all our errands in one day. We also recycle the Wal Mart plastic bags and use them for trash can liners, lunch bags etc."



"We have been doing two things: refilling water bottles with filtered water from the fridge, and using empty plastic bottles and cans in gardening. By placing them at the bottom of pots and about a foot down in gardens, they provide great drainage. In addition, you need less dirt to fill your pots and prepare your gardens!"



"I keep a reusable bag on the back of the garage door, in the kitchen and upstairs so that whenever we have something to recycle we just throw it in one of the bags. It keeps us from walking out into the garage each time we have something to recycle. This way no one throws something that can be recycled into the trashcan."



"We have a compost bin where all of our kitchen scraps, dryer lint, junk mail, paper, etc goes. The compost then helps our veggie garden flourish in the warmer months. We buy local as often as possible. At the store, we look carefully at packaging. If a product is over-packaged (like single-serving things often are) we don't buy them. We recycle and reuse all plastics. Instead of disposable, we opt for multiple use, like canvas sandwich bags, glass straws, clothe napkins, reusable grocery bags, etc. We think twice before driving -- if we can walk, we do that instead."


And without further Ado...

BluApple Starter Kit - 2 Apples w/ 12 Month Refill Kit: MISCRAIG

Insulated Reusable Novelty Coffee Cup: pokergirl

Ethel Gloves: Gloves for Women (Traditional Glove: Rendevous): scrappingsteph


Congratulations to all our winners!


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Apr 20, 2012

Oh WOW , Thank you so very much!!! and Congrats to the other winners :-D