Winners of the "There's an App for That - Tips, Tricks, & Giveaways" Contest

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Jan 24, 2012

Congratulations to the five winners of last week's "There's an App for That - Tips, Tricks, & Giveaways" Contest! We loved hearing what electronics you find are the most user-friendly. We also got some great tips on apps to add to our list. Thank you for all your posts and reviews.

Here are some additional helpful apps members shared with us:

"I have the iPhone and I love my apps! Might I suggest one other app,though? How about trying the RunKeeper Pro app. It helps track your walking, hiking, biking...anything cardio. The best part (at least for me) is that you can use GPS or do enter your stats in manually,and it breaks down your performance for you. Right down to the very calorie. It also syncs well with whatever playlists you may have on your if you are running, and it has a trainer that will cut in seamlessly from time to tme to let update you an your run/walk/bike times. The app is free (or was the time I got it), and is available in the iTunes store. You can also find on the runkeeper Website" - triciawehner

"My fave app is Fooducate. It allows one to scan a barcode of a food item and gives it a rating, some important tidbits about the food item and suggests healthier alternatives. I love it. I never realized what kind of additives have been in a lot of the grocery items I have been buying and I love that it gives me a healthier alternative to buy instead." - sbodner

"My favorite Android app is Amazon Price Check because it is very useful for buying & selling on Amazon's Marketplace. I love that it has four ways to search: type it, scan it, snap it & say it. Type it is handy if you do not have a barcode to scan. Scan it is my favorite way to use this app because you just line up the barcode within the orange indicator arrows. Snap it is great because you can snap a picture of the product, then Amazon Price Check analyzes the image. Say it allows you to speak what you are searching for. The only thing this app is missing is that it doesn't provide local store retailers. Overall, this app has saved me money by finding bargains that I would not have glanced twice at before and has prevented me from buying something that I thought was a good deal but could buy it cheaper elsewhere." - purplekitty

"I love the app "Read it Later". Being on the go, you can bookmark articles,sites, etc for review later when you get back to your PC or just when you have the time. Saves the eyes and helps keep you in touch for later conversations." - sfnaus

And Without Further Ado...

Winner of either a gift card to either iTunes or Amazon for Android Market: Becky (classicredrose)

Winner of either a gift card to either iTunes or Amazon for Android Market: Marie (sappymomof2)

Winner of either a gift card to either iTunes or Amazon for Android Market: Heather (Toto)

Winner of either a gift card to either iTunes or Amazon for Android Market: B (simbalala)

Congratulations again!

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simbalala by simbalala | Rockaway, NJ
Jan 25, 2012

Thank you os much. I won the gift card. I love it. It says I have a choice of selecting which gift card I want. How can I select? Again thanks a lot.