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Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card to Get Active Outdoors and #TakeItToThePark

Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card to Get Active Outdoors and #TakeItToThePark

For Coca-Cola, this summer is all about being active. So they are inspiring millions of people, including you, to rediscover the joy and fun of being active outdoors through programs like America Is Your Park!

So, the hunt for “America’s Favorite Park” is on! And a park in your area could win the coveted title and $100,000. But it starts with you going outdoors with your family, getting active and then encouraging others to do the same through words and photos.

Can you think of improvements your favorite park needs? If so, it’s time to get active, vote, and then get your community involved to help your park win up to $100,000.

One lucky member will be selected to win a $100 Amazon gift card to purchase items for you and your family to be active outdoors this summer!

How to Enter
Comment below by telling us about your favorite park and memories you have of being active there.


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“#TakeItToThePark this summer and your fave park could win $100K from @CocaColaCo. Vote at

Entries accepted through Friday, July 12, 2013. Open to U.S. residents over the age of 18 only.

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  • JadeGC By JadeGC

    I live on a remote island, so outdoors is one of the few things everybody has in common here. A popular hotspot is called Cedar Park. There is a swing and picnic tables and it is located right by the beach with a sandy area as well as a fishing area. It can use other attractions like perhaps camping areas and trash cans to help maintain the area. Funds can also be utilized to fix the overgrowing trail here. I would love to help my community rebuild and attract more outdoorsy folk. Thanks for considering!! Choose Me!!

  • sd1988 By sd1988

    the park by lincoln park zoo- lots of beautiful memories

  • Jessica1583 By Jessica1583

    Totally loved going to Hershey Park! Half the fun was getting there! We lived in Jersey all our lives so the car ride was never too brutal! I can remember standing next to the giant Hershey's Kiss or the giant Reese's Peanut Butter Cup! They looked huge as a kid- heck they are still huge! Thank goodness they aren't real candy!!!!!

  • MyLittlePrincessK By MyLittlePrincessK

    Going to Lost Mountain Park with my daughter every day after preschool. We would pack a lunch and spend the long lazy Georgia afternoons playing on the playing on the jungle gyms, running around the track and riding trikes and bikes on the bike paths.

  • Evelyn101 By Evelyn101

    It would be Central Park which covers just about everything. Of course to be able to put more into watching over it would benefit not just the city folks, but the millions of others who come into the area. It had been an area where I participated in, when I was younger and lies along the major museums. It is the view the area residents wake up to, and it is the playground for those who need a place to wander. It hosts cultural activities so others can experience new things and it is also the subject reflected somewhere in our literary works of this country. It needs upkeep so that our future generations can experience something like the previous generations did. It is also too big to just maintain itself.

  • Brizee77 By Brizee77

    I really love Hebron Rock Colony in Boone, NC but they could really use a revamping of their parking area. You can look it up online but the most popular parking area for years has recently been considered off limits for parking but instead of posting notices to warn people of this they just send in tow truck to tow up to 30 cars a day. The park is absolutely beautiful with large boulders winding in a path up the mountain while a creek runs down between the rocks and settles into pools in several spots before continuing down the mountain of boulders to the bottom. A parking solution for this area would be wonderful :)

  • Cropperhopper By Cropperhopper

    My fave park is Greenville Memorial Park in PA. My husband and I would stop at the local grocery store and pick up subs and chips, and go to the park for a picnic while we were dating. Afterwards, we would take a walk in the woods on the paths or around the park. We continued the tradition when we had our son except afterwards, we would play with him on the playground. They had a log cabin that he loved to climb.

  • bcremisio08 By bcremisio08

    I loved it when we go camping at virginia Beach and at the campsite park you would get to meet kids from all over! Especially Canada and when you are young that's pretty cool hearing all the different languages! I loved going there every year!

  • savingsmania By savingsmania

    I have so many great memories of my grandparent's house in the country- it was heaven! I'd love to take a trip to the country.


    Yatesville Lake Park in Kentucky holds such wonderful family memories and ones I will cherish forever. Times with special friends and family, some of which are no longer with me. I will always treasure those memories and hold that special place close to my heart :)

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