Win Your Choice of $100 Restaurant Gift Card to Celebrate Valentines or #AlternativeValentines Day!

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 02.08.17
Win Your Choice of $100 Restaurant Gift Card to Celebrate Valentines or #AlternativeValentines Day!

Valentine's Day is celebrated as a day for kisses, love and chocolate. But not for everyone. You can now forego the overdone romance and instead just enjoy the holiday with friends (Galentine's Day!), yourself (International Quirkyalone Day!) or your kids (Schoolentine's Day!)

How will you celebrate Valentine's Day? Will you go the traditional route, or will you try something new? Tell us for your choice of a $100 Gift Card to your favorite restaurant, so you can take whoever you want out for dinner in honor of the big red day.

Galentine's Day

Started by the fictional Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation, Galentine's Day has grown into a real holiday, celebrated in cities nationwide on February 13. All you need to do is to gather friends and enjoy each other's company - waffles and frittatas are encouraged!

International Quirkyalone Day

This holiday has also spread around the globe. International Quirkyalone Day is a celebration of romance, freedom and individuality. You can enjoy the day with others or on your own - you are just encouraged to decide what you want to do, for you.

Schoolentine's Day

It's a universal tradition: elementary school kids will spend February 14 dressed in red, eating pink cupcakes and giving each other Star Wars cards with lollipops attached. After they ask their friends to "Be My Valentine!" will you continue the celebration after school? Giving your child socks with cupids on them, letting them eat a whole giant chocolate kiss and then serving them heart-shaped pizza deserves a name of its own: Schoolentine's Day!

Valentine's Day

Or do you prefer to go the traditional route - spending a night out with your partner, giving jewelry or flowers and eating chocolate truffles?

How will you celebrate Valentine's Day this year? Will it be the traditional route or will you go #AlternativeValentines? Tell us for the chance to win a $100 gift card to your favorite restaurant.

There are two ways to enter:

Simply comment below and tell us what you'll be doing on Valentine's Day - or an Alternative Valentine's Day - this year!


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Thanks to all who entered! Congratulations to the winner, SheSpeaks member Gjprasad.

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  • Shespeaks12321 By Shespeaks12321

    I took my hubby out on our first date, much love!

  • kuchick By kuchick

    My hubby and I went out to eat by ourselves it was the first time that we left all four of our kids home alone! So happy the kids are getting older.

  • yarbr012 By yarbr012

    I went out to dinner with my mom on Valentine's Day. I also gave her flowers.

  • christireads By christireads

    Going to dinner at a restaurant named BJ's. It's terrific! Then exchanging small meaningful gifts. We've been married for 35 years!!!!

  • MPsweep By MPsweep

    Well, Valentine's Day has passed 12 days ago. lol Not sure what we'll do next time around :) I hope it will be fantastic! #AlternativeValentine

  • Delphinium54 By Delphinium54

    It already happened, it was a fairly traditional day but I received a special box in the mail with chocolates from my sister-in-law--so thoughtful after the recent death of my one-and-only sweetie of 36+ years.

  • skittles4203 By skittles4203

    This year, we decided to go a different route and go out for a lunch date (instead of dinner) while the kids were at school so we could spend the evening with them! Also, instead of real flowers, he took me to a store to make our own bouquet of fake flowers, so the will last forever! He's too cute!

  • bunnyears By bunnyears

    We celebrated with a home-made dinner and good fine. We also went to see 50 Shades of Darker. It was a great Valentine's Day!

  • Gjprasad By Gjprasad

    my family was home. we have 2 small girls so trying to eat out was not happening. we bought and made eachother little gifts which we exchanged and cooked dinner at home. So sort of a normal night.

  • herbalkate By herbalkate

    I don't celebrate Valentine's Day. Love should not be forced and no one should feel pressured to make extravagant gifts and gestures because the calendar tells them they should. Love should be a lifestyle one chooses to live every day and to make simple gestures of love every day you're together; whether small or large.

  • darholley By darholley

    we stayed home and enjoyed time together.

  • PaulaD By PaulaD

    Spent V- DAY with my 12 year old son. He made me dinner and we watched the movie "Valentine's Day." It has become a tradition with us.

  • princessducky By princessducky

    Went out to McDonald's with my niece and had dinner. they even had flowers on the table. Fancy!

  • maradra1983 By maradra1983

    No celebration for me! Every day i celebrate my love!

  • Brittany8977 By Brittany8977

    We don't ever really do anything for valentines.

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