Willow Sweaters

Willow Sweaters

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The style of this sweater is so flattering! The V-neck cut gives great shape to any face and body type. I'm a 2XL body type so I love that it slims my overall look. The extra bonus is that the front comes down a little longer right in front of the belly area to hide imperfections without a lot of bulky material. It's a classic look that can go dressy to casual; to work with jeans or trousers.

I just love the way this sweeter looks, it looks so beautiful. I would love to own this!!

There really isn't a sweater I don't love and that my husband doesn't live one me, but we do have our favorites, this being one of them. What I love most about this sweater is you can wear it casual or dress it up with a long skirt and a belt around your waist. Being made in the USA is also such a positive.

I LOVE this sweater, instant sophistication on the go, and made in the USA.

I love mine!!! everywhere I wear it someone says how great it is. It makes me feel good just to wear it.

This sweater is so cute, especially in the fall, put on some boot cut jeans, and some black boots, and put on this sweater, and you'll love how you look because you look FABULOUS! I wear this everytime I need to run to do a quick errand. I got my sweater from my sister. I totally Reccomend this sweater. It's comfortable and cute, It's a win win situation.

Wow! Made in the USA! I'm for that!

I found these sweaters at a sale, I cannot believe how great they are made. These sweaters are made in the USA.. GREAT!!!