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  • Di-CKF By  Di-CKF    


    Best hot chocolate EVER. Always try to get enough to last thru the winter

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  • gardeningmomma By  gardeningmomma    

    We love this product, but it is way too pricey to consider any time other than an extravagant gift.

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  • mommy2h By  mommy2h    

    Wonderful true, rich chocolate flavor. It's a special treat because of the high price.

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  • ecostarakis By  ecostarakis    

    My husband purchased one can of this amazing hot chocolate for me at Christmas 4 years ago and I loved it. The day after Christmas, we went into the store to buy more and discovered it was on sale. The usual price is around $20, but the sale price was $6! We bought quite a few cans and enjoyed it for months. The price seems steep but the hot chocolate it amazing. It's not a cocoa powder product. It is actually shaved chocolate you melt into hot milk. The texture and richness are wonderful. We have searched everywhere to find it's equal and have come up emptyhanded. Other "drinking chocolates" are just not the same. i highly recommend this hot chocolate, even at the regular price.

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