Will the Vacation Bring You Together? Why Couples Wait Until After Summer Break To File For Divorce

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Aug 29, 2016

For many couples, summer vacations are a time to bond and take a break from the stresses of everyday routines. But for relationships in trouble, that little summer holiday may be a last ditch effort to save the relationship. Some new research from the University of Washington suggests August and March are the most popular months for divorce filings.

The Atlantic reports about the new research and why couples may choose these particular months to call it quits on a marriage. Researchers Brian Serafini and Julie Brines analyzed data over the last 15 years looking at divorces in the state of Washington. What they found was that divorce rates spike rather dramatically in both March and August.

It has been speculated that March may be a popular month for divorce because couples wish to wait out the winter holidays before making the announcement to friends and family. But it’s also possible that since big family trips tend to take place around Christmas time and summer time (especially July) maybe couples wait until after the vacation to officially decide their differences are irreconcilable.

Vacations can be a stressful time for any family, but those faced with relationship troubles may be pushed over the edge during these times. Researchers also believe there may be more tied up in the idea of a vacation as a way to test out the relationship, to see if it’s really over. Brines explains, “People are discontent with their marriages, they look at vacation as an opportunity to give it one last shot, and what they were hoping would happen didn’t occur.”

What do you think of the new research that suggests there is a spike in divorce filings in August and March?

Do you think couples are waiting until after vacation to make the decision?

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